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  1. Mar 02, 2022 · Door Knob Won’t Turn Tip #1: Double-check your key ring and make sure that you are using the correct key. This is even more important if these are new keys or have just been lent to you. If you have any doubts, work your way through the various keys, even using ones you are sure are not correct. 2. Broken Key

  2. Step 2 Loosen the screws on newly installed or adjusted knob locks. Use a screwdriver to loosen the screws on either side of the base of the handle. Tightening screws too tight can cause the lock and knob mechanism to bind up. Step 3 Test the knob once screws are loose to see if the lock is functioning correctly.

  3. Aug 29, 2020 · The spring should compress when you turn the knob and open the lock allowing you to open the door. If you’ve assembled everything and the knob is turning but can’t open the lock, it’s an indication that the latch, spring, or both have a problem. The knob is not correctly interacting with the latch, spring, or both and makes it spin without opening.

  4. The half-circle immediately next to it appears to me to be the mechanism for opening the door — I could be wrong about that, though. It will not budge. The only two options I can see now are: taking the door off its hinges so that I can completely remove the lock set and possibly replace it with a new one; or calling a lock smith.

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