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  1. From the 17th century, "Roman Catholic Church" has been used as a synonym for the Catholic Church by some Anglicans and other Protestants in English-speaking countries. Formulations such as the "Holy Roman Church" or the "Roman Catholic Church" have occurred by officials of the Catholic Church before and after the Reformation.

  2. Traditionally, the Roman Catholic Church has held tight control over many aspects of church life around the globe, but it left sex abuse cases to be handled locally. In 2001, the church first required that sex abuse cases be reported to Rome.

  3. The Roman Catholic Church has demonstrated what it will do when it has the ability. The past fifteen centuries provide irrefutable evidence of this. The Roman Catholic Church grants men liberties of speech and religion only when it is forced to do so, but the times have changed. Rome can no longer control the kingdoms of this world as it once did.