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  1. Apr 04, 2022 · “Catholic” literally means “respect for the whole” and, in theological contexts, simply refers to the universal Church—all Christians who are truly part of Christ’s Body. Typically, the term was used to describe universally accepted Christian beliefs. “Roman Catholic” refers to a more particular Christian tradition and ecclesiastical body.

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    • Priests Want to be Called "Father" Jesus warns us: "Also, do not call anyoneon the earth your Father; for one is your Father, Who isin heaven" (Matthew 23:9).
    • Prayers to Mary. For example: "Hail Mary, full of grace." But Jesus commands us "to pray after this manner: 'Our Father Who isin heaven' " (Matthew 6:9).
    • Priests and Nuns are Forbidden to Marry. Paul insists that"the overseer [bishop] be blameless, thehusband of one wife" (I Timothy 3:2). Peter was married, because Jesus healed his mother-in-law (Matthew 8:14; Luke 4:38).
    • Never Sure of Going to Heaven. Catholics, since childhood, have been taught that, to get into heaven, one must keep the sacraments and the mass and do good works.
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    Christianity is the world’s largest religion. The Christian faith originated from the life, ministry, death, and resurrectionof Jesus Christ. It is also the most widespread and diverse belief system. Christianity commenced with the ministry of Jesus, a Jewish teacher, and healer who proclaimed the imminent kingdom of God. According to the Gospels, ...

    The story of Christianity is a complex and multi-layered narrative. According to the Bible, the first church was created 50 days after Jesus’ death. This is the time when the Holy Spiritwas said to descend onto Jesus’ followers. The church was centered in Jerusalem, and most of the first Christians were Jewish converts. One of the callings of the e...

    To study Christianity in its historical context is to discern its meaning. One must learn from the past to find God’s Will. Even in the darkest and most tragic moments, God is there; He directs the course of time. As we read through what happened to the Christian religions, we need to see it in God’s eyes. Everything has its place in time. It is al...

    In Christianity, there are different religions but the most common beliefs are: Monotheism: Christians worship only one God. He is the Creator. His divinity comes in three incarnations: God the Father, Jesus the Son of God, and the Holy Spirit. Redemption from Sin: Christianity is built upon the death and resurrection of Christ. God, in His great l...

    Christianity grew from a small, grassroots movement in Galilee to a multi-religion entity. It currently has three major branches:

    Essence. It is something that cannot be taken away from an object lest it ceases to be. It is something intrinsic. Essence is what gives something its character, its uniqueness from everything else. Now let’s do a simple exercise. After learning the history of Christianity, we need to capture what it means to be a Christian. Is it the Bible? Not ne...

    Christianity has a long and checkered history. Christians triumphed in overcoming the persecution of the Romans. Then they became the sole state religion of Rome. Here the church set up the society of Western civilization. But as the Christian leadership grew more powerful, they lost their soul. They fell to the excesses of worldliness and sin. So ...

  3. Jan 27, 2022 · The Catholic Church, which means "for everyone", relied heavily on Latin and Roman tradition, and unlike the Eastern Church, spoke little to no Greek during the services. Its theology emphasized...

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  4. Aug 13, 2021 · “The Catholic church is dying,” he says. We are headed to Our Lady of Lourdes, one of the few parishes in the region to still conduct Mass in Latin – a parish that would not even be allowed to...

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  5. Jun 22, 2022 · Older missals may have still more exotic Masses, such as the Mass of the Holy Face of Jesus, the Mass of the Sacred Lance and Nails, the Mass of the Five Holy Wounds. Some of these could be used by any priest, while others would require special permission. The missal was once filled with these profound “devotional” Masses, which (needless ...