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      • At a puerile level they think that our multi-racial “rainbow country” (first so described by Desmond Tutu on a visit here in the 90s) is proven at Carnival time when all races are said to interact as “one people”. A rainbow has many colours, but they are separate, merging only at the outer fringes of each band. Otherwise the colours don’t mix.
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  2. Jan 13, 2018 · Speculation is that residents of Trinidad started calling the other island Tobago in response to this tobacco abundance, and the name soon stuck. The English settled Tobago in 1616, and then in the 1880s, a British commission linked Trinidad, Tobago, and the neighboring islands, formally denoting the landmasses as a joint island nation – the ...

  3. We are a family run guest-house, offering self-contained apartments. Rooms comes with kitchenettes, A/C bedroom, private patio and swimming pool at the front. Free internet access. Daily housekeeping service and nightly security. Property equipped with video surveillance cameras. Walking distance to beaches, mini mart, banks and public transport.

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    Ol’ Chris Columbus named the Trinidad portion of the island-nation duo Trinidad and Tobago after—what else can be expected from a Catholic explorer?—the Holy Trinity. Rumor has it people started calling the other, smaller island “Tobago” because of all the tobacco grown (and smoked) by the natives there. The neighboring islands have been linked sin...

    Antigua and Barbuda has a similar story. Columbus named the Antigua portion of the two-island country after a Cathedral in Spain, Santa Maria La Antigua, but the name Barbuda, which means “bearded” in Spanish (and Portuguese and almost Italian), was probably named later, in a nod to the island’s famous fig trees looking like they have long, scraggl...

    Old Chris named Saint Kitts and Nevis, too, but kind of by accident. When he first landed on what became Saint Kitts, he actually called it San Martin, but since there were so many poorly drawn maps in those days, the name later got transferred to the island we now know as Saint Martin. Oops. How St. Kitts then got to be called St. Kitts is a bit o...

    The naming of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines was pretty straightforward: Columbus landed on St. Vincent on the Feast of Saint Vincent, and then named the other islands “the Grenadines” after the Spanish city, Granada. (So was the Caribbean island-nation, Grenada, but if that’s a question at your pub trivia night, someone’s not trying hard enough)...

    The only island-nation that has two names that was not named by Christopher Columbus is—drumroll, please!—Sao Tome and Principe, which is off the coast of western Africa, and was named after Saint Thomas, of course, and the Portuguese prince to whom taxes were owed on the island’s abundant sugar fields. This story originally appeared in 2011.

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  4. Amar's Beach Front Resort Mayaro, Rio Claro, Trinidad and Tobago Coordinate: 10.2871718, -61.005267. 5. Dominion Day Resorts Limited 3rd Floor Trinidad Guardian Building 22-24 St. Vincent Street, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago Coordinate: 10.676639627, -61.5255757373 Phone: 223-4228 6. Serenity Hills Palace

  5. The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is the southernmost island in the Caribbean archipelago. Located just off the north-eastern coast of the South America mainland, the twin island Republic is home to international greats such as Miss Universe 1998, Wendy Fitzwilliam; Cricket Legend, Brian Charles Lara; and Carnival, the Greatest Show on Earth.

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