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  1. Oct 25, 2020 · Jin Guangyao is next seen trying to turn Nie Mingjue into a ghost puppet using Xue Yang’s Yin Tiger Seal, revealing and confirming Jin Guangyao as the person behind Xue Yang all this time. But with only half a Yin Tiger Seal and Nie Mingjue’s apparently strong desire to resist, Xue Yang fails to control the former Qinghe Nie Clan Leader.

  2. Having made his name as a hooligan in Kuizhou, Xue Yang's massacre of the Yueyang Chang Clan and his eventual arrest by Xiao Xingchen was the point where the Nie and Jin Clans began to fall out. Xue Yang was imprisoned in Koi Tower until the death of Nie Mingjue, after which Jin Guangshan began to pressure the remnants of the Chang Clan to ...

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  4. May 15, 2021 · Hot-headed by nature, Nie Mingjue flew into a temper and pulled out his sabre with every intention of beheading Xue Yang where he stood. His sworn brother Lianfang Zun Jin Guangyao rushed in and attempted to smooth things over, but Nie Mingjue roared at him to get out and subjected him to a spate of curses so vicious they practically drew blood.

  5. Xue Yang is a professional sub trainer at the Black Box club. Nie Huaisang entrusts his brother to Xue Yang's care and returns weeks later, hoping to find Nie Mingjue perfectly trained into a sub top. Xue Yang does not disappoint. Language: English Words: 6,867 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 7 Kudos: 103 Bookmarks: 11 Hits: 1448. Save

  6. Story Rankings Nie MingJue y Xue Yang. Most Impressive Ranking # 10 chicoychico out of 77 stories Other Rankings # 46 niemingjue out of 224 stories # 92 xueyang out of 220 stories

  7. While there's no doubt that Jin Guangyao caused Nie Mingjue to die from qi deviation, it's uncertain when the character started inducing the effects that would slowly cause said death. Wei Wuxian speculates that it might have been after Nie Mingjue kicked Jin Guangyao down the stairs of Koi Tower and pressed his biggest Berserk Button.

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