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  1. Nov 17, 2021 · %%** The Venerated Triad: Lan Xichen is the Ego, and Nie Mingjue and Jin Guangyao often switch positions in being the Id and the Superego. %%** Among the Yi City group, Xue Yang is consistently the Id. Between him, A-Qing, and Xiao Xingchen, A-Qing is the Ego while Xiao Xingchen is the Superego.

    • Protagonists
    • Gusulan Sect
    • Lanlingjin Sect
    • Yicheng Arc

    Wei Ying

    (named Mo XuanYu after transmigration) Common name: WuXian (fourth on the list of young masters) Title: YiLing Patriarch Name meanings: Wei—contains the character for “ghost”; Ying— “infant”; WuXian— “no envies”; YiLing—the place Yiling, where Luanzang Hill is Height: 186 cm (180 cm after transmigration) Sword: Suibian (the Chinese characters “Sui Bian”, meaning “whatever”, are engraved on the sword) Tools: Stygian Tiger Seal (of which half was destroyed prior to the siege at Luanzang Hill),...

    Lan Zhan

    Common name: WangJi (second on the list of young masters) Title: HanGuang-Jun (“Two Jades of Lan” with his brother Lan XiChen) Name meanings: Lan— “blue”; Zhan—an adjective often used to describe an azure shade of blue; WangJi—a Daoist phrase, meaning “to not seek fame or wealth, forget about worldly matters, and be at peace with the world”; HanGuang— “to hold light” Height: 188 cm Sword: Bichen (meaning “to avoid dust/worldly matters”) Guqin: Wangji

    Motto: be righteous Founder: Lan An (born in a temple; became a musician afterward) Residence: The Cloud Recesses, Gusu Motif: flowing clouds

    Residence: Koi Tower, Lanling Motif: the white peony Sparks Amidst Snow (Disciples of the Jin Clan have vermilion marks on their forehead)

    Xue Yang

    Height: 180 cm Sword: Jiangzai (“to bring down disasters”)

    Xiao XingChen

    Name meanings: Xiao—”dawn”; XingChen—”star-dust” Height: 185 cm Sword: Shuanghua (“floral frost” or “the brilliance of frost”)

    Song Lan

    Common name: ZiChen Name meanings: Lan—”mist”; ZiChen—Zi a common character found in many names, while Chenmeans “a precious stone” Sword: Fuxue (“to brush away snow”)

  2. Feb 01, 2020 · The Untamed, also known as the ancient gay Chinese pyramid scheme, is a Chinese drama, or c-drama, that is currently streaming on Netflix. (You can also watch it on Viki, with ads that are very disruptive but with subtitles that very occasionally make a lot more sense; or on YouTube .) There are fifty glorious episodes.

  3. Xue Yang, on the other hand, became a guest disciple in LanLing Jin Sect but was kicked out by Jin GuangYao. Wei WuXian's invitation to Jin Ling's one-month anniversary arrives and the former is excited to attend. This time, Jin GuangYao threatens Nie MingJue about breaking his sword BaXia to anger him to death, and kills Nie sect disciples.

  4. Jul 10, 2017 · Name meanings: MingJue—”a bright, penannular jade”; ChiFeng—”a crimson blade” Saber: Baxia (“to be under forceful power”) Height: 191 cm. Nie HuaiSang (the cowardly second young master) Name meanings: HuaiSang—Huai means “to hold”, while Sang refers to “mulberry leaves” Height: 172 cm. Yicheng Arc Xue Yang. Height: 180 cm

  5. Why tf did it take me until now to realize that the story about Xiao Xingchen, Son Lan, and Xue Yang was foreshadowing to Lan Xichen, Nie Mingjue, and Jin Guangyao????? it’s been 6 months since i read this book and it took a fanfic to let me know???

  6. Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation: Mo Dao Zu Shi (Chinese: 魔道祖师 Mo Dao Zu Shi ), also known as Founder of Diabolism, is a danmei and xianxia novel by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu, which was first published as a Web Novel on the Chinese Web Novel site JJWXC. Years ago, a young cultivator named Wei Wuxian rose to fame by discovering a new school of ...

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