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    Nie MingJue, as the irritable person he was, unsheathed his saber on the spot with the intention of killing Xue Yang. Even when his sworn younger brother LianFang-Zun, Jin GuangYao, attempted to ease the situation, he ordered him to leave.

  2. Why tf did it take me until now to realize that the story about Xiao Xingchen, Son Lan, and Xue Yang was foreshadowing to Lan Xichen, Nie Mingjue, and Jin Guangyao????? it’s been 6 months since i read this book and it took a fanfic to let me know???

  3. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works

  4. Xue Yang leers at the hall and tips a wink at Xiao Xingchen. Jin Guangyao takes a calming breath through his nose. But before he can open his mouth and start weaving a defence that will cast Xue Yang's conduct in a favourable light, Nie Mingjue draws Baxia and lunges forwards. "No!" That's Jin Guangyao and Lan Xichen both, reaching out in unison.

  5. Also, for my own sanity, Xue Yang is four years younger than Nie Huaisang. As before, Wei Wuxian, Nie Huaisang, and Jiang Cheng are roughly 8, Wen Ning 7, and Wen Qing, 12. This is a chonker of a chapter and I'm not sorry. We'll skip ahead to Cloud Recesses next chapter. Finally, I don't do baby talk.

  6. This takes us riiiiight back to when Xue Yang massacred the Chang family and Nie MingJue was angry at the Jins for refusing to punish Xue Yang because he was key to restoring the Amulet. Shortly after that, Jin GuangYao murdered Nie MingJue, and that is all Nie MingJue can remember… he is a bit behind on news, being dead and all.

  7. Wangji: The two Chinese characters of the zither’s name are exactly the same as Lan WangJi’s name. The term is a Daoist phrase that means to “get rid of a heart of deceit”. It usually refers to finding pleasure in tranquility, forgetting about material matters, and being at peace with the world.

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