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  1. Read Cap 1. Rescatando a un niño from the story Nie MingJue y Xue Yang. by Lilithmav with 918 reads. niemingjue, chicoychico, gay. Xue Yang era un niño que...

  2. Xue Yang killed Chang Ping not because of what his father did to him, but because he indirectly (albeit unintentionally) smeared Xiao Xingchen's reputation. Wei Wuxian theorizes, however, that Xue Yang knew that the one truly responsible for Xiao Xingchen's ruination is Xue Yang himself, and he merely deflected his self-blame onto someone else.

  3. Xue Yang leers at the hall and tips a wink at Xiao Xingchen. Jin Guangyao takes a calming breath through his nose. But before he can open his mouth and start weaving a defence that will cast Xue Yang's conduct in a favourable light, Nie Mingjue draws Baxia and lunges forwards. "No!" That's Jin Guangyao and Lan Xichen both, reaching out in unison.

  4. Why tf did it take me until now to realize that the story about Xiao Xingchen, Son Lan, and Xue Yang was foreshadowing to Lan Xichen, Nie Mingjue, and Jin Guangyao????? it’s been 6 months since i read this book and it took a fanfic to let me know???

  5. Jiang Cheng Three Poison Sword (22CM Theatre Edition) Xue Yang Disaster Reduction Sword (22CM) Dawn Stardust Frost Huajian (22CM) Nie Mingjue ภายใต้เผด็จการ 22cm L Magic Way นำเสนอแท่นแสดง ช้อป แฟชั่น ♞Magic Way Weapon Model Theatre Edition Xiaoxingdust Frost Huajian ...

  6. The story is pretty much the same as the show, except everyone lives!! (so minor changes). or in which Wei WuXian tries his darndest to date Lan Zhan, Jiang Cheng possibly has a aneurysm, Jin ZiXuan is still the most awkward human alive, and Xue Yang makes me write some VERY cursed things. Written in chatfic format! :3

  7. "We would be glad to accompany A-Yao," says Lan Xichen. His voice is serene. Jin Guangyao does not look over at him, mostly because he doesn't want to catch sight of Nie Mingjue. Perhaps he should be grateful Chifeng-zun is not on his feet roaring for the head of Xue Yang. "We'll deal with it," says Nie Mingjue after an even longer pause.

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