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  1. Jul 01, 2021 · The book ends with a copied & pasted chapter from Rich dad Poor dad where he tells you why you should invest and why he prefers stocks as an investment (grows faster than inflation). Overall, the style of writing is extremely simple, easy to understand and filled with stories, anecdotes & situations that help the reader understand the different ...

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    The first electronic book – Peter James’ thriller “Host” – appeared on two floppy disks in 1993 and sold 12,000 copies. Five years later, the first e-readers appeared with mediocre market success. Amazon, the world’s largest book retailer, introduced the Kindle readerto America in 2007, forever changing the dynamics of book publishing. Today, electronic books can be viewed on a variety of readers, mobile phones, tablets, and computers. In the first quarter of 2012, net sales of ebooks exceeded hardcover sales across the industry for the first time. While paperback books remain the industry’s most popular format, their dominance is likely short-lived – according to Mashable, Amazon’s ebook sales surpassed paperbacks in the fourth quarter of 2011. The reason for the ebook’s dominance is clear: Production costs are lower and profits are higher (despite the fact that ebooks typically sell for less than half of what hardcovers sell for). With the full support of Amazon, authors have rebe...

    The reasons people are moved to write and publish are as varied as their personalities. Some are motivated by intellectual pursuits, others for reasons of the heart, and others in the hopes of fattening their wallets. Whatever your reason, there has never been a better time in human history to write your story.

    According to Statista, the U.S. publishing industry released approximately 1.76 million new titles and had total sales of $29.5 billion in 2012. Unit book sales were 2.59 billion that year, even though one-third of Americans did not purchase a book. Virtually all publishers offer ebook editions, the new economics of digital publishing providing a considerable savings over paper and ink. The surge in ebook sales has also engendered dispute over profit splits between author, publisher, and distributor. Amazon and Hachette (the largest traditional publisher) are currently embroiled in a public fight over the spoils, the former accused of delaying shipments while the latter threatens to withhold access to popular authors such as J.K. Rowling. First-time authors and self-publishers should view the distributor-publisher dispute with interest, even though the final outcome is unlikely to have significant impact upon their initial efforts.

    Authors have historically had two options for getting their words in print: Find a traditional publisher or distributor willing to take a chance, or publish through a “vanity press” (an earlier form of self-publishing). However, as Dan Poynter, author of “The Self Publishing Manual,” says in Writer’s Digest, “It’s virtually impossible to land a publisher unless you bring an audience with you. They’re publishing only books that’ll sell on name recognition, which is why they’re publishing great literature like Madonna’s children’s books and the book supposedly written by Paris Hilton’s dog.”

    Everyone has something to say – something for future generations to enjoy, contemplate, and vicariously experience. After all, each of us is the culmination of a long line of trials and errors, and lessons learned. Knowing how to frame what you want to say – and how to produce, market, and sell it – can help you accomplish the ultimate goal of leaving your mark. Writing fills in the lines of history, adding colors and shades to the past. Listen to your inner self and find the stories that you need to tell. You will never regret the effort, nor find a task more rewarding. Have you started telling your story?

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  3. This was written in 2000 to demonstrate why money market funds would outperform stocks over the next 20 years so 65% of the prediction you are buying is already gone. And there are a LOT of charts and tables. Do not buy the Kindle version.

  4. May 21, 2021 · Stock Market Valuations – What They Indicate & Why They Are Important. FEATURED PROMOTION. Investing in the stock market is centered around value. The ultimate goal is to buy an undervalued stock at a low price and sell it when the price of the stock climbs, generating a profit. However, the stock market is a battlefield.

  5. May 21, 2021 · The second factor that affects the return of a money market fund is the management cost. A fund that operates at a lower cost can pass that savings on to its investors. This is the reason Vanguard has been so successful over the years, particularly with its money market funds and bond funds. As a mutually owned mutual fund company, all profits ...

  6. Oct 27, 2021 · The major difference between money market and high-yield savings accounts is that money market accounts (MMAs) allow you to write checks and high-yield savings accounts do not. Government bonds: Put simply, you lend money to a government entity when you buy government bonds. A government bond refers to a debt security issued by a government to ...

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    related to: why to write book reviews for money market stocks
  2. Find out the simple tricks you can use to pick stocks like the pros. Free Investment Report: Our analyst gives his method for identifying perfect stocks

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