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  1. Why Was Marie Antoinette So Hated? - UK Essays › marie-antoinette-hated-5866

    Stefan Zweig argued that the reasons behind Marie Antoinette being a hated figure in France were due to her personal faults, her perceived arrogance and lavishness, combined with a dislike of her husband and declining respect for the monarchy itself.

  2. Marie Antoinette: The Hated Queen that Drove France to ... › kings-queens › marie

    Marie Antoinette: The Hated Queen that Drove France to Revolution A single cart drawn by two huge white horses travels through the streets of Paris as a ravenous crowd fights to catch a glimpse of the woman within. Her hands are bound but her back is straight and her expression is hard and proud.

  3. Why was Marie Antoinette hated? - ProProfs Discuss › q › 1497722

    Marie Antoinette was hated by nobles and commoners for many reasons. Marie was a foreigner, when she got to France; she wasn’t trusted by the French court or her husband because of her origin. She struggled to fit at the court.

  4. Why Was She So Hated? | by Lynn Hunt | The New York Review of ... › 2020/11/05 › why-was-she-so-hated

    Her books include Inventing Human Rights, Writing History in the Global Era, and, most recently, History: Why It Matters . . (November 2020) Her image was the theme of a recent exhibition at the Conciergerie in Paris, where she was imprisoned before her execution and which is now a historical monument. “Marie-Antoinette: Metamorphosis of an ...

  5. Marie-Antoinette: From hated queen to pop icon › marie-antoinette-hated-queen-pop

    In 1793, the Conciergerie palace-turned-prison in Paris slammed the gate behind its most famous inmate, the hated queen Marie-Antoinette, as she was led to the guillotine.

  6. Why did people dislike Marie Antoinette? - Quora › Why-did-people-dislike-Marie

    Marie-Antoinette suffered distrust by the people of France from the day she arrived. Additionally, she had little understanding of money and spent frivolously. Finally, she believed in the divine right of kings and did not agree with her husband becoming a constitutional monarch.

  7. Marie Antoinette is beheaded - HISTORY › marie-antoinette-is-beheaded

    Marie Antoinette is beheaded. Nine months after the execution of her husband, the former King Louis XVI of France, Marie Antoinette follows him to the guillotine. The daughter of the Holy Roman ...

  8. Well, I'm still not sure about parallels between Clinton and Antoinette, but I can see a parallel in the author's way of interpreting politics. A couple weeks ago an article rehabilitating Nero came through the HN front page. We know why Marie Antoinette was hated. We know why Nero was hated.

  9. 10 Things You May Not Know About Marie Antoinette - HISTORY › news › 10-things-you-may-not-know

    1. Marie Antoinette was born an Austrian princess. Born in Vienna, Austria, in 1755, Archduchess Marie Antoinette was the 15th and last child of Holy Roman Emperor Francis I and the powerful ...

  10. Why did people hate Marie Antoinette? - Answers › Q › Why_did_people_hate_Marie

    Nov 21, 2011 · Wiki User. Answered 2011-11-21 19:35:14. Marie Antoinette was hated by her people because she was: a gambler. an alcoholic. a big party person. she didn't care when her people where in trouble (no ...

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