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  1. Apr 13, 2017 · Hit the Road really is the best Sam and Max game. The telltale games aren't bad, but they're missing a lot of charm the original had. Agree 100% .. also I would kill to get a hold of the unreleased Sam n Max sequel that Lucas Arts made. I wish someone would leak it or something, it was aparently like 90% finished before they axed it.

  2. The failure of all these games as well as the cancellation of Full Throttle: Hell on Wheels, which simply amounted to a waste of a year's worth of development money, was angrily speculated to be a major reason why LucasArts, who by contrast found fail-safe success with their mass-produced Star Wars titles, cancelled Sam & Max 2. Fans who ...

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  4. Sam & Max Hit the Road is a 2D adventure game where the player controls the actions of Sam from a third-person perspective. The player uses Sam to explore the pre-rendered cartoon environments of the game and solve a series of puzzles using a simple point-and-click interface. [4] The game's puzzles have logical solutions, although a number of ...

    • Sean Clark, Mike Stemmle
    • Sean Clark, Collette Michaud, Steve Purcell, Michael Stemmle
    • [19]
    • LucasArts
  5. Single-player. Sam & Max: Freelance Police was a graphic adventure video game developed by LucasArts from 2002 until its cancellation in 2004, and the final game in the company's adventure game era. Freelance Police was originally intended for release for Windows in early 2004 as a sequel to the 1993 title Sam & Max Hit the Road.

  6. Aug 27, 2002 · "Sam & Max Hit the Road is a classic and as close to being a signature game as any LucasArts has ever done," says Simon Jeffery, ... much like the recently announced Full Throttle II, ...

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