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  1. Wien's displacement law - Wikipedia's_displacement_law

    Wien's displacement law states that the black-body radiation curve for different temperatures will peak at different wavelengths that are inversely proportional to the temperature.

  2. Talk:Wien's displacement law - Wikipedia's_displacement_law

    Wien's Real Law This page is mostly about what textbooks call Wien's displacement law, which is an observation about the Planck distribution, not what Wien actually discovered. The derivation should derive the real law, which tells you how to get the blackbody curve at any temperature from the blackbody curve at any other temperature.

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  4. Wilhelm Wien - Wikipedia

    Wilhelm Carl Werner Otto Fritz Franz Wien (German: [ˈviːn]; 13 January 1864 – 30 August 1928) was a German physicist who, in 1893, used theories about heat and electromagnetism to deduce Wien's displacement law, which calculates the emission of a blackbody at any temperature from the emission at any one reference temperature.

  5. Wien approximation - Wikipedia's_Radiation_Law

    Wien's approximation (also sometimes called Wien's law or the Wien distribution law) is a law of physics used to describe the spectrum of thermal radiation (frequently called the blackbody function). This law was first derived by Wilhelm Wien in 1896.

  6. Wien's law - Wikipedia's_law_(disambiguation)

    Wien's displacement law, an equation that describes the relationship between the temperature of an object and the peak wavelength or frequency of the emitted light This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Wien's law .

  7. Wien's_displacement_law -'s...

    Wien's displacement law is a law of physics that states that there is an inverse relationship between the wavelength of the peak of the emission of a black body and its temperature.

  8. Displacement - Wikipedia

    Wien's displacement law, a relation concerning the spectral distribution of blackbody radiation; Angular displacement, a change in orientation of a rigid body, the amount of rotation about a fixed axis. Engineering. Engine displacement, the total volume of air/fuel mixture an engine can draw in during one complete engine cycle

  9. Infrared - Wikipedia

    Thermal infrared radiation also has a maximum emission wavelength, which is inversely proportional to the absolute temperature of object, in accordance with Wien's displacement law. The infrared band is often subdivided into smaller sections, although how the IR spectrum is thereby divided varies between different areas in which IR is employed.

  10. Radiation - Wikipedia

    That maximum radiation frequency moves toward higher frequencies as the temperature of the body increases. The frequency at which the black-body radiation is at maximum is given by Wien's displacement law and is a function of the body's absolute temperature. A black-body is one that emits at any temperature the maximum possible amount of ...

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