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  1. The collection contains five short stories from the perspectives of hot wives and their cuckolds. It includes a previously unpublished story not available anywhere else. Breeding Lisa With Big Black C*ck: Kurt is a struggling cuckold, but his beautiful blonde wife is happy to help.

  2. Lady Devreux. 0.00. 0 ratings0 reviews. Bridget lost her first marriage when she gave birth to her obviously mixed daughter. Relocating to Utah, she has rebuilt her life as a Mormon wife. Her husband believes the lie that she is part Indian, and has no idea about her past. When he can't give her another baby, she decides to get bred by Black ...

  3. 30 Taboo Erotica Sex Stories Step-Father’s Best Friend, Milf, Virgin Daughter, Billionaire, Pregnancy, Gay Backdoor, Rough Forbidden Adult Erotic Romance Bundle 2020 Exhibitionism & Voyeurism Group Public Romance Sex Story Book Taboo Interracial Exhibitionist White Wife Black Man Strangers

  4. When it involves sex, by definition, this is a Rape Trope, since the person's consent is a non-issue. Even when the slave is willing, the fact that they are a slave without any real ability to choose makes this Questionable Consent at best. Sub-Trope to Chosen Conception Partner and Made a Slave, without the person having a choice in the matter.

  5. Robert and Elizabeth, his wife of a dozen years, have three: a 5-year-old daughter and two 7-year-old twin boys. They get a pass. Robert calls out to Elizabeth, letting her know that they have ...

  6. 18 of the hottest, dirtiest stories of filthy, hot sex between shy, horny women and the large, strong alpha males who fill them with their loads.You'll find a variety of kinks in this 18 book collection, including virgins losing their innocence, horny MILFs and their cuck husbands, doctors taking their untouched patients, an interracial gang bang, and more!Stories include:1.

  7. For some reason, he couldn't get hard, even when she tried giving him a blowjob.Finally he admitted that he had a secret fetish - he wanted to watch his wife with other men. He wanted to share her with handsome, younger men while he pleasured himself.Melissa couldn't believe that her husband wanted to be a cuckold.

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