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  2. The Japan Self-Defense Forces (自衛隊 Jieitai), or JSDF, are the unified military forces of Japan that were established in 1954.

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  4. The Japan Self-Defense Forces employ mostly outdated, Cold War-era weaponry and equipment in the Special Region, given the low threat level of low-tech foes such as the Empire or even the Flame Dragon, preferring to keep their most advanced weapons in Japan to defend against potential threats on Earth.

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    Gate: Thus the Japanese Self-Defense Force Fought There), is a Japanese fantasy novel series written by Takumi Yanai and illustrated by Daisuke Izuka and Kurojishi. Originally, it was serialized from 2006 to 2009 on the user-generated novel publishing website Arcadia until it was acquired by publisher AlphaPolis in 2010.

    • 2006 – 2009
    • Takumi Yanai
    • Arcadia
    • Fantasy
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    Itami lost his family at the age of thirteen when his brutally abusive father was killed by his wife in self-defense. Although she was cleared of criminal charges, her feelings of guilt and regret shattered her sanity; she began to believe that her husband was still alive and longed for his return. One night, Itami couldn't stand it anymore and brutally confronted his mother with reality; but instead of making her come to her senses, it made her attempt suicide by self-immolation. She was saved from death and placed into a mental institution, where Itami left her to languish until many years later (see Plot, below). At about the same time (though it is not specified whether this occurred before or after this family tragedy), Itami met the much older politician Tarō Kanō, who had suffered a professional setback at that time. Mutually interested in the mangas the other was reading, Itami and Kanou began exchanging their favorite series; it is claimed that this was the point where Itam...

    When the gate first appeared, Japanese citizens were attacked by an unknown hostile enemy force. Though he does his part, Yōji was much more worried about the fact that he wouldn't be able to buy any Doujinshi due to the attack, rather than the fact that a hostile army came out of nowhere and was killing people. During the incident he directed local police forces in defending citizens who had fled inside the Imperial pPlace.Due to the Ginza Incident, he was praised by the minister of defense for his actions during the Battle of Double Bridge and was promoted to First Lieutenant. Yōji later went on the be given command of the Third Recon Team, sent to recon the Special Region. During his first incursion into the region, he rescues Tuka Luna Marceau from an Elven village attacked by the Flame Dragon, before going on to encounter Lelei la Lelena in a column of refugees, who were fleeing from the Flame Dragon. Along the way, Yōji meets Rory Mercury, shortly after she slaughters a group...

    Romantic interests

    Itami's relationship with his female associates can be described as a paternal affection. While he deeply cares about the girls, he has as yet shown no romantic interest towards them, mostly because several of them are - in terms of physical growth (if not of chronological age) - still adolescents and underage, but also because of his own sense of decency. 1. Tuka Luna Marceau: While Itami is very fond of Tuka, her apparent perception of him as a substitute father hinders him in taking that r...


    1. Akira Yaginada: Itami and Akira shares some rivalry toward each other as Akira sees Itami as a happy-go-lucky slacker who managed to achieve the rank of First Lieutenant through luck rather than hard work like him. However, they still manage to give each other respect and Akira willing to help Itami as he goes as far as blackmailing Duran to let the JSDF go through Elbe to support Itami to kill the Flame Dragon, although he also does this for the sake of exploiting Elbe Kingdom's untapped...


    1. Zorzal El Caesar: Itami and Zorzal are enemies since the moment of their first meeting, first because of Itami's dislike of Zorzal's cruelty and arrogance, and subsequently because of his treatment of Noriko Mochizuki. Despite his facade of bravado, Zorzal in turn deeply fears Itami after Itami uses a sniper to make it clear to him that he will not be safe from the JSDF's retribution. Itami often refers to Zorzal as an idiot who never knows his place in the world. Despite their hostility,...

    It was initially written as a joke by Itami’s superiors who sarcastically wrote in Itami’s documents that he is an expert at marksmanship, hand to hand fighting, psychological warfare, airborne skills, diving, explosive use, and so forth. The detail of Itami being “proficient at detecting danger before anyone else” is another way to say, by his superiors, that Itami is good at running away. While a majority of them are false, Itami seems to display good capabilities in skills that his superiors joked about, such as psychological warfare and close combat. 1. Keen Instincts:Itami is proficient at detecting danger before anyone else, and act appropriately based on that. 2. Ranger & Special Forces Training: As a member of the JSDF, Itami is in top physical condition. He is a skilled combatant with both firearms and melee weapons. He is a Ranger, meaning he can perform grueling tasks where others would normally give up; a further testament to his abilities. During his return trip to Japa...

    Itami's surname shares the same pronunciation and Romanized spelling as the city of Itami in Hyogo prefecture, home to the JGSDF Central Army headquarters.
    In Light novel 8, we learn Itami is afraid of heights when he takes a wyvern ride with Yao. He has her steer while he holds on to Yao.
    He hates paperwork.
    He seems to have a soft spot for children.
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    In August 20XX, a portal to a parallel world known as the "Gate", suddenly appeared in Ginza, Tokyo where monsters and human warriors wearing ancient armor poured out of the portal, killing everyone in their way and trying to claim the area as their own. This would later be known as the "The Ginza Incident". Immediately after the attack, the Japanese Ground-Self Defense Forces launches a counter attack, repelling and pushing the invaders back to the Gate and reclaiming Ginza. Hoping to establish diplomatic relationship with the people beyond the Gate and capture the ones responsible for the massacre of Ginza, the JSDF, under orders by the Prime Minister, takes over and enters the Gate where they dispatch the Third Reconnaissance Team to scout the "Special Region" led by 33 year old First Lieutenant Youji Itami. Itami was there when the Ginza incident happened and, luckily for him, exploring the Special Region is a dream come true since the Lieutenant is an Otaku. While the 3rd Recon...

    Main article: Characters Yōji Itami (伊丹 耀司 Itami Yōji) 1. The protagonist of the series, Itami is a 33 year-old otaku and JSDF soldier, who is promoted to second lieutenant and tasked to investigate the other side of the gate, after successfully escorting hundreds of citizens to safety during the attack on Ginza. Tuka Luna Marceau (テュカ・ルナ・マルソー Tuka Runa Marusō) 1. An elf more than 150 years old, Tuka is still a teenager thanks to her race's longevity. She loses her father who sacrifices himself to save her when her village is attacked by a dragon. Since then she has traveled with Itami and co. However, she has a hard time coping with her father's loss and eventually starts viewing Itami as a replacement for him, much to his chagrin. Lelei la Lelena (レレイ・ラ・レレーナ Rerei Ra Rerēna) 1. A 16 year-old human from the other world with some knowledge in magic, she quickly learns the Japanese language and becomes the translator for Itami's party. Rory Mercury (ロゥリィ・マーキュリー Ruri Mākyurī) 1. A war...

    Takumi Yanai, a former member of the JSDF, initially published the work on the user-generated content site Arcadia from April 2006 until June 2009 under the pseudonym Todoku Takusan(とどく=たくさん Todoku Takusan). In 2010, AlphaPolis offered him to publish his work in print. The first two web novel volumes were slightly altered to make them less "poisonous" whereas the final third web novel volume was rewritten and expanded into three volumes. These five volumes were published from April 12, 2010 to December 22, 2011 with cover illustrations by Daisuke Izuka. Since then, the series has continued with five volumes of side stories as of July 2015. In December 2012, AlphaPolis began a reprint of the series as a light novel, where each novel volume was split into two small-sized light novel volumes in bunkobon format, as well as new cover and inside illustrations by Kurojishi.

    Published by AlphaPolis. The manga is written by Takumi Yanai and drawn by Satoru Sao. The serialization began in July 2011 and as of June 2016 has nine volumes and still ongoing.

    The anime television series adaptation is produced by A-1 Pictures and directed by Takahiko Kyōgoku, premiered in Japan on July 3, 2015 to September 19, 2015. The anime is streamed online by Crunchyroll and is licensed by Sentai Filmworks in North America. The anime aired it's second cour/part in the winter season of 2016, titled Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri Enryuu-hen (Fire Dragon Arc) GATE(ゲート)自衛隊 彼の地にて、斯く戦えり 第2クール.

    The Anime makes some distinct changes to some of the characters. The female characters have become younger and more petite. Kuribayashi for example went from a short but muscular girl with black ha...

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    The Imperial government is nearly identical to the Roman Dominate Period (the ruling System of the Roman Empire in the late Antiquity from 284-630AD) in which the Emperor is nearly an absolute monarch. He has the responsibility for the overall policy of the state and its diplomacy and has the final authority on most matters of state. However, substantial power also lies in the hands of the Imperial Senate. Like in the Dominate, there exist the title of princess, which, in reality, never happened in the Roman Principate Period (the ruling System of the Roman Empire in the classic Antiquity from 27BC-284AD). 1. "What an outdated institution. There were times when our Empire was a republic, but every time the office-holders changed, our diplomatic stance changed as well. This might be a big problem. This is why we’re pursuing the maintenance of the status quo."— Cicero mentioned the past democratic system of the Empire, depicted in light novel volume 7 chapter 1. Like in the Late Antiq...

    Based on the Imperial Calendar, which likely marks the founding of the Empire as "Year 0", the Empire was presumably founded 687 years before the invasion of the JSDF, or in the early 1300s based on Earth's calendar. Initially the country was a democracy, however, the government grew ineffective as the territory increased, which resulted in the current imperial government. While few events in the history are known, it is known that, about 250 years prior to the JSDF arrival, or around 487 Imperial Calendar (mid-1700s), a major war called the Arctic War took place, which is generally considered to be one of the most turbulent and difficult times in Imperial history. In 680, a major rebellion occurred in the Empire. While little is known about the precise details of the rebellion, it can be surmised that it was crushed with brutal force. The crushing defeat in the Japanese-Empire War, which started in 687, or the early 21st century on Earth, led to the decline of Imperial power in the...

    Main Article: Imperial Army The Imperial Armyis similar in appearance and structure of the real-world Roman Army during its Imperial period, being made up primarily of formations of infantry armed with spears, swords, and large rectangular shields. Also present in the military are cavalries, archers, siege engines such as battering rams, ballistae, and trebuchets, and dragon riders. Auxiliary forces are provided by both human and goblin vassals of the Empire. While the Empire is very Roman-like, their technology level is actually more late-medieval. For instance, the Imperial cavalry are typically similar in appearance to medieval knights, clad in plate armor and armed with swords and lances. Other medieval weaponry used by the Empire include halberds and trebuchets. The Empire had not yet invented gunpowder and therefore had never seen firearms or powerful explosives prior to first contact with the JSDF. Magic exists in the Special Region, primarily in the form of manipulating othe...

    The Empire is the dominant power on the continent of Falmart, and possessing the largest economy with the capability to field a full-time professional army, as well as complete massive construction projects such as many of the grand buildings and statues in Sadera. In spite of this, the Empire's economy is limited by its pre-industrial technology level and mainly based on tribute from vassal states and conquest, which places severe limits on the amount of resources which can be exploited by the Empire, as well as the annual gross domestic product of the Empire. For this reason, the Empire's annual gross domestic product pales in comparison to that of a modern industrialized country such as Japan. While the annual GDP and government budget of the Empire is not known, it is known that the initial Japanese reparation demand of 500 million Suwani, which is about the same amount as the Japanese government's annual budget, was considered to be an outrageous sum where one member of the Sen...

    The education in the Empire, at least compared to First World countries, is apparently very poor as commoners lack access to basic education where it is noted that Imperial Soldiers are incapable of doing mental calculations, thus they would be easily cheated by unscrupulous merchants during the Currencyexchange; the JSDF soldiers would often surprise merchants, who usually require a tool to calculate even basic math. While literacy rates are unknown, it is likely that they are very low, with literacy restricted mostly to members of the upper classes, who would have access to education, as well as to some professions which would require literacy. It's shown that some common people in the Empire seem to be literate, even servants such as Delilah. This suggests that literacy rate may be similar to those in the real-world Roman Empire- relatively high in comparison to other ancient cultures and the subsequent Middle Ages, but still considerable lower than the standards of modern develo...

    The technology of the Empire and the whole Special Region is pre-industrial level in which the concept of science and technology is generally alien concepts to the average citizen as well as others races live in the Special Region. As the result, the Empire and Special Region's people and others races often regards high tech equipment and weaponry used by the JSDF as magic like the anti-tank rocket launcher is regard as Rod of Steel, firearms is regard as magic wand, camera is called magic box or vehicles are called steel beast. Furthermore, they also often misunderstand some certain utilization of technology by the JSDF as conducting magical rituals as the Dark Elves thinks the JSDF is performing magical rituals while they are firing artillery at the Flame Dragons or mispronounce the name of technological equipment or weaponry like the Dark Elves misspells C4 explosive as ''SeeFour'' or Zorzal and his general misspells the word Aeroplane as ''El Ro Plains''. Furthermore, very few o...

    Based on Mimoza's theory of the Gate, it is possible that the Empire is actually a descendant of the Roman Empire from the ancient time on Earth in which the ancestors of the Empire actually a grou...
    Despite being called as an Empire, the Empire actually never succeed in conquering any others continents outside Falmart within their realm with the prime example is the Avion Sea, which is untouch...
    Most Imperial citizens and nobles are ignorant about others continents outside Falmart as an Imperial noble doesn't know about the Armored Whale.
    Molt stated that the reason for the Empire to invade Japan is to get more lands, slaves, and wealth because there are no more places to invade in Falmart. This statement is totally untrue as there...
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