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  1. 2 days ago · File: Flag of Crossed of Burgundy.svg. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository ... Public domain Public domain false false:

  2. 4 days ago · All content is licensed under Creative Commons. Users can search by media type, orientation, pixel size, color, and categories ranging from animals, architecture, religion, music, beauty/fashion, and people.

    • George McAlister
    • 2017
  3. 4 days ago · 1. The image is a public domain work. Generally, anything published in the U.S. 95 or more years ago is in the public domain. For more info, check out the Peter Hirtle's Copyright Term and the Public Domain. 2. The image is available under a Creative Commons license. CC images are labeled as such.

    • April Hathcock
    • 2010
  4. 3 days ago · A photo of a woman wearing a headscarf burning a French flag has been widely circulating on social media, with these viral posts claiming that she is a Muslim woman living in France. It turns...

  5. 5 days ago · Below are four images that reveal the possible real face of Jesus. The Shroud of Turin. Public Domain. Many believe the Shroud of Turin is the burial cloth of Jesus, as it bears uncanny similarities to the wounds of Jesus described in scripture and historical records.

  6. 4 days ago · The PNS Hangor (S131), a French-built Daphne -class submarine boasting twelve 550 mm torpedo tubes, solidified its legacy in the history books. Under the Pakistani Navy's flag, it became the...

  7. 20 hours ago · Buzz Aldrin salutes the deployed United States flag on the lunar surface. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons

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