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    • People at Work
    • Events
    • Musicians and Singers Performing
    • Sitting People
    • Standing People
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    20160805 Inle Lake 7434
    Leg Rowing Fisherman Inle Lake Myanmar
    Bercerita dengan Wayang
    Nelly Diener cropped
    Naissance du Wetr
    Venice Carnival - Masked Lovers (2010)
    Atelier Nadar - Galli-Marié in Bizet's Carmen
    Tari Kebagh, 2017
    Man playing an acoustic brazilian guitar (Violão) on Marco Zero Square, Refice, Pernambuco, Brazil
    Hombre cantando por dinero en las cercanías del Hotel Humbodlt
    Blind accordion player
    Maarja Nuut Viljandi folgil 2016
    Boy in Dar ul-Ihsan Mosque
    Shadhu in Pasupatinath Temple-1973
    Liliuokalani, c. 1891
    Portrett av Gina Krog (6276081582) - Restoration
    Balaclava as suggested fashion piece for winter 2018-modeld by ModelTanja
    Séverine, debout, un poing sur la hanche - Nadar
    Basketball, 1. Damen-Basketball-Bundesliga, ChemCats Chemnitz LR10 by Stepro IMG 7684
    Homeless sleeping on Paulista Avenue, São Paulo city, Brazil
    Girl with styrofoam swimming board
    Homeless man on a bench in Sonora, Mexico
    Sleeping man in Ouagadougou
    Havana - Cuba - 0885
    My Skills
    A 95 year old woman with her pet rooster, Havana, Cuba
    Eye surgery
  2. Commons:Featured pictures/Non-photographic media ... - Wikimedia › wiki › Commons:Featured

    3 days ago · Gallery of Non-photographic media - Depictions of people . This page is a gallery of featured pictures that the community has chosen to be highlighted as some of the finest on Commons.

  3. Commons:Featured pictures/Places/Satellite images - Wikimedia ... › Places › Satellite_images

    4 days ago · Gallery of Satellite Images []. This page is a gallery of featured pictures that the community has chosen to be highlighted as some of the finest on Commons.

  4. Wikipedia:Public domain image resources - Wikipedia › wiki › Public_domain_image_resources

    3 days ago · Public domain image resources is a copy of the master Wikipedia page at Meta, which lists a number of sources of public domain images on the Web. Public Domain images should be marked with the Public Domain Mark 1.0.

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  6. MediaWiki:Bad image list - Wikipedia › wiki › en:MediaWiki:Bad_image_list

    File:Lynching2.jpg except on Leonidas C. Dyer, Lynching, User:Durova/Featured picture gallery/2009, User talk:Durova/Archive 72, Wikipedia:Featured picture candidates/July-2009, Wikipedia:Featured picture candidates/Lynching, Wikipedia:Featured pictures/History/USA History, Wikipedia:WikiProject United States/Quality content, Wikipedia ...

  7. Extension:PageImages - MediaWiki › wiki › Extension:PageImages
    • Installation
    • API
    • Configuration
    • How It Works
    • Image Choice
    Add the following code at the bottom of your LocalSettings.php: wfLoadExtension( 'PageImages' );
    Done – Navigate to Special:Versionon your wiki to verify that the extension is successfully installed.

    The PageImages extension provides image information by adding a prop=pageimages to the properties API for action=query.

    $wgPageImagesBlacklistis an array of sources for image blacklists. Blacklisted images will never be selected as page images. Examples: More than one source can be used at the same time. The blacklist itself should contain a wikilinks to blacklisted files, the rest of content is irrelevant (and can contain links to other pages).For example: Remember that file links that result in images being added to the page will not work (these files are blacklisted for a reason, right?), so don't forget the :in front of the links. $wgPageImagesBlacklistExpirydetermines how long the blacklist will remain cached, in seconds.Default: 15 * 60 (15 minutes). $wgPageImagesExpandOpenSearchXml if set to true, PageImages will override the image detection in the opensearchAPI module with its own, more accurate results.Default: false. $wgPageImagesNamespacesis an array of namespaces PageImages will be activated on. Default: NS_MAIN.

    When a page is saved with a local image, the parser runs the hooks ParserMakeImageParams and LinksUpdate.The PageImages extension responds to these (and other hooks) and inserts a new property for the page into the page_props table.The property name is page_image_freeand its value is the name of the image. The extension only stores the chosen image name. Other features may display the image, such as Page information, Hovercards, and Mobile search while typing.

    How can I check which image is associated with a page?

    Page images will be listed on the ?action=info page.

    How does it select images?

    All images in the page are collected and a score for each image is calculated. The image with the highest score is selected as the page image. If the wiki is configured such that images contain metadata that specifies images are not freely licensed, the image with the best score that is also freely licensed is also stored. If no suitable image is found or all the images score badly (i.e. has a negative score), the page will not have any images. If $wgPageImagesLeadSectionOnlyis true, only ima...

    How are images scored?

    The best possible page image on Wikimedia wikis is one of the first four images in an article which has a width/height between 400-600px and a height/width which is twice the value of the other dimension. 1. The algorithm is configurable. 2. Scores are calculated by a combination of: 2.1. Image widths as defined in $wgPageImagesScores['width'] 2.1.1. In Wikimedia wikis, images smaller than 119 pixels are weighted highly negatively. Images with widths between 400px-600px are favoured, with a p...

  8. File:Jenny Scordamaglia Nude Photoshoot.webm - Wikimedia › wiki › File:Jenny

    4 days ago · This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.: Attribution: MIAMI TV You are free: to share – to copy, distribute and transmit the work; to remix – to adapt the work

  9. Vulva - Wikipedia › wiki › Vulva

    6 days ago · The vulva (plural: vulvas or vulvae; derived from Latin for wrapper or covering) consists of the external female sex organs.The vulva includes the mons pubis (or mons veneris), labia majora, labia minora, clitoris, vestibular bulbs, vulval vestibule, urinary meatus, the vaginal opening, hymen, and Bartholin's and Skene's vestibular glands.

  10. Extension:CommonsMetadata - MediaWiki › wiki › Extension:CommonsMetadata

    3 days ago · The CommonsMetadata extension is an attempt at extracting metadata from Wikimedia Commons pages but is also available at all other Wikimedia projects. It adds some extra information to the imageinfo API, based on templates and categories in the image description.

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