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  1. 27 May 2017 – Andy Cook (footballer, born 1990) AfDed by Supreme Sports Statistician was closed as delete by Jo-Jo Eumerus on 04 Jun 2017; discussion. 31 May 2017 – Gunnar Barth (ice hockey) AfDed by Sportsfan 1234 was closed as delete by SoWhy on 03 Jun 2017; discussion.

  2. 15 Nov 2017 – List of footballers born in Scotland who have played for other international teams AfDed by Bilhauano was closed as delete by Ritchie333 on 23 Nov 2017; discussion. 16 Nov 2017 – David F. Huntzicker AfDed by Joeykai was closed as delete by Premeditated Chaos on 23 Nov 2017; discussion.

  3. 02 Oct 2020 – Carlos Peña (Mexican footballer) move request to Carlos Peña (footballer, born 1990) by MonFrontieres was no consensus by DrStrauss on 28 Jun 2017; discussion 29 Sep 2020 – James Robinson (gridiron football) move request to James Robinson (wide receiver) by Joeykai was closed; discussion

  4. It is not to be confused with Wikipedia:Notability (sports). Sports and Games Work Group The Sports and Games Work Group is a working group of members of the Biography WikiProject dedicated to ensuring quality and coverage of biography articles.

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    This WikiProjectaims primarily to: 1. Describe how sporting-related articles should be represented and what information belongs in the articles 2. Provide a central location for coordinating and organizing sports articles and their features 3. Serve as an article assessment group, helping move articles closer and closer to Featured Articlestatus 4. Foster sports article creation and improvement 5. Creation of useful Wikipedia templatesfor use in sports articles – navigation boxes, stub tags, infoboxes, etc. Out of scope: board games, table top games, video games (even sports simulation ones) and other games of a non-sporting character; for such pastimes, please see WikiProject Gamesand its child projects. Also out of scope are individual athletes. These should be under the person's relevant sports Wikiproject


    Any member of WikiProject Sports may assess Sports-related articles by following the guidelines below. If you aren't sure about an article, ask about it on the assessment page.

    Core articles

    These are some of the most important articles to improve to GA-quality or better - or at least cleanup to B-class without tags.

    Did you know 1. 02 Sep 2021 – Inger K. Frith (talk · edit · hist) was nominated for DYK by SportsOlympic (t · c); see discussion Articles for deletion 1. 11 Oct 2021 – 2010 Dutch Caribbean Age Group Championships (talk · edit · hist) was AfDed by Sportsfan 1234 (t · c); see discussion (2 participants) 2. 10 Oct 2021 – 2022 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony (talk · edit · hist) was AfDed by Limited Idea4me (t · c); see discussion (8 participants) 3. 09 Oct 2021 – McAlister Field (talk · edit · hist) was AfDed by Sdkb (t · c); see discussion (4 participants) 4. 09 Oct 2021 – Buschball (talk · edit · hist) was AfDed by Fade258 (t · c); see discussion (1 participant) 5. 09 Oct 2021 – Atul Raghav (talk · edit · hist) was AfDed by Nomadicghumakkad (t · c); see discussion (6 participants) 6. 08 Oct 2021 – Ski jumping sling (talk · edit · hist) was AfDed by Imcdc (t · c); see discussion (4 participants) 7. 07 Oct 2021 – Balaklava Football Club (talk · edit · hist) was AfDed by Bumbubookworm...


    For all participants to use I have created a userbox to both declare your allegiance to the project and to increase the visibility of the project to the community. 1. {{Template:User WikiProject Sports}}

    There shall be an alphabetical list of all sports. There shall also be an organization of sports by categories. There shall be a listing of sport competitions, that involve multiple sports (e.g. the Olympics, the Commonwealth Games, the Maccabiah Games, the Good Will Games, etc.) -- competitions for particular sports, or groups of sports, would be better located on the page for that sport. The lists of competitions should be organized along the lines of what area of the world they involve -- i.e. are they global (e.g. the Olympics), restricted to a particular region of the world (Americas, Asia, Europe, Africa, etc.), or restricted to a particular country (in which case, they could be placed under a section on the sport in that particular country.) These lists shall be either on the main Sportspage, or if they become too long on separate pages linked to by the main page. Suggested topics: 1. information on sport in general (what is a sport?, why do people play sports?, what are the...

    Active participants

    1. Daniel kenneth– 2. P64– 3. Spewmaster– 4. Solar Police– 5. SMcCandlish – I focus mostly on WP:CUE and WP:SNOOKER, but am insterested in the overall "administration" of the sports article- and category-space, as well as consistent templates, etc. 6. SheffGruff– Interested mainly in 'field' hockey. 7. Shootmaster 44– 8. StarryWorld– 9. Carlosguitar– 10. Lihaas – soccer + cricket + Sports diplomacy 11. 2o-DeMoN-o8– I follow all sports, and will be happy to do what I can. 12. BlackJack– intere...

    Former participants

    1. R-HIT 2. Eisenhower 3. gurulegend 4. Einar Ragnarsson 5. Catneven 6. cheesepuffsaretasty!!! 7. Alaney2k 8. Bluedogtn 9. Matt294069 10. ProfCara- Interested in gender and sport

    Parent WikiProject

    1. WikiProject Culture

    Descendant WikiProjects

    See Wikipedia:WikiProject Council/Directory/Culture/Sportsfor an up-to-date chart showing all sports WikiProjects and their interrelations.

    Other related WikiProjects

    1. Wikiproject Biography – Sports and games work group 2. WikiProject Flag Template – Result of a WP:VPrequest for handling flag icons, such as in sports results. 3. WikiProject Games 4. WikiProject Olympics 5. WikiProject Wiki Makes Video/Sports 6. Commons WikiProject Sports

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  6. › wiki › Wikipedia:WikiProject Cached The Sports and Games Work Group is a working group of members of the Biography WikiProject dedicated to ensuring quality and coverage of biography articles.

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