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    Welcome to the Canada Roads WikiProject, a collaboration area for Wikipedians interested in improving coverage of Canadian highways and roadways. If you would like to help, please jump in and start adding or editing. If you would like to join the group, please add your name to our participants list . If you have any questions or concerns ...

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    Welcome to WikiProject Canada on the English Wikipedia! This project was formed to foster better articles on the country of Canada with a spirit of cooperation. The project is a home base that provides a place for Wikipedians (editors) to discuss issues and share information and resources regarding improvements to Canadian related articles, which can be discussed at the project's talk page.

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    • Communities
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    NEWDO NOT USE: put the communities of the route into the travel route. A paragraph in prose about the communities, towns, cities, villages along the route

    newDO NOT USE. Add any into the prose of the travel route List these in the infobox in abbreviated format...don't use a separate the infobox use either RM name or RM number. Deprecated:A paragraph in prose of rural municipalitiesthat the route enters.

    A paragraph in prose citing the major attractions such as lakes, big things, statues, historical markers, beaches, historical sites and buildings, national, regional and provincial parks. 1. Physical geography that the highway travels through (area, unique features) See Geography of Saskatchewanfor physiographic region 2. Major Parks Check out {{Saskatchewan parks}} and add neighboring parks 3. Transportation - that the highway assists, or has replaced such as rail, waterway, historic, current

    For route from west to east or south to north The current terminology for distances in Canada is the metric system. In North America, the US still uses the Imperial system and mileages. The roads were surveyed according to townships on the 6 mile square. 1. There is the handy {{Template:Convert}} template that does the conversions and the Manual of Style measurements properly. 1.1. {{Template:Convert}} 1.1.1. miles to kilometres: 1.1.2. {{convert|100|mi|km}} 1.1.3. kilometres to miles: 1.1.4. {{convert|100|km|mi}}

    For route from west to east or south to northUse this template for ease of tabular formation. For example Saskatchewan Highway 33. Be sure to change county to county_special as well as location to location_specialTemplate:Jctint which is a template for generating a junction list for a route article. Use the modified template SKinttop to achieve headings of Rural municipalityand kilometer rather than mile.

    Cite your sources via Citation Templatesin the article itself following the new fact or quotation added. To use this same web site again just use this code...

    After article is created by adding this substitution template, click the link at the bottom of the page called What links here If these Wikipedia article are already a part of the main Saskatchewan Highway article, this is best, otherwise add them here in alphabetical order.List related internal (Wikipedia) articles in alphabetical order. Common nouns are listed first. Proper nouns follow.

    Any handy sources of information about the Saskatchewan Highway which have not already been cited as inline references should be listed here. Additional WWW, map, atlas information, these are helpful links to start with in alphabetical order. Add also appropriate templates and categories also check out WikiProject Saskatchewan Roads for the appropriate talk pagebanners and ratings to be added. For instance... {{Saskatchewan Provincial Highways}}{{Canada-road-stub}} Category:Saskatchewan provincial highways

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    This project sets the standards for countries that do not have a country roads WikiProject yet. These standards are intended to be loose so that they are applicable worldwide. In addition to this, this project sets a few standards for country roads WikiProjects that do exist, to ensure uniformity across all highways articles.

    The Assessment Department has resources related to the assessment of articles under the project's scope, including the project quality log. In addition, the project maintains A-Class Review and Peer Reviewforums. The department page also has directions on which talk page banners to use to assess articles under the project's scope.

    Each article should have an infobox, which is typically Infobox road, and a lead section which introduces all the article sections. The first sentence should provide a definition of the article subject, including location. If there is another common abbreviation for the subject, state it in the lead section. A map and image help the article. This is an example of map layout adopted by the U.S. Roads WP. The use of lists is discouraged; prose or tables should be used when more appropriate. For further exploration of road article structure, see road articles that are Featured Articlesor any of the subprojects.

    Please help add comprehensive coverage worldwide on the Roads portal, and if there are any additions which could be made from many countries or regions that would be appreciated. 1. For instance, a successful DYKcould be added. 2. Feel free to directly add quality, or featured road-related images or panoramas. If a photo is not recognised by being classified as quality or featured, then it should be of finer quality like would be in a magazine or print encyclopaedia. A portal showcases Wikipedia's finer work, in this case the roads portal showcases Wikipedia's finer roads-related works worldwide. 3. Feel free to directly add Featured, A-Class or Good roads-content articles to the portal's selected article list. Articles on this list are now rotated automatically through the portal. Other articles may be nominated here.

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    WikiProject Ottawa


    This WikiProject aims primarily to establish a Community-driven Wikipedia standardfor articles related to Ottawa and the surrounding region. As members of the community, we understand how important Ottawa and National Capital Regionarticles are to new users.


    1. Improve the quality of Ottawa-related articles. 2. Expand the number of articles related to Ottawa and the National Capital Region in Wikipedia

    Good article nominees 1. 25 Oct 2020 – John Turner (talk · edit · hist) was GA nominated by Ktin (t · c); start discussion Good article reassessments 1. 21 Oct 2020 – Stephen Harper (talk · edit · hist) was nominated for GA reassessment by Buidhe (t · c); see discussion

    The articles listed below are WikiProject Ottawaarticles that have had the most edits in the past 7 days. These pages might be undergoing significant changes or may need to be monitored for vandalism or edit wars. These are the articles that have been edited the most within the last seven days. Last updated 27 November 2020 by HotArticlesBot.

    To join WikiProject Ottawa, edit this section and add*--~~~~ and any comments to the bottom of the following list of members. *-- Earl Andrew - talk 1. --Spinboy 2. --Peregrine981 3. --Joshuapaquin 4. --Padraic 5. --RealGrouchy 6. --Radagast(not a resident, but willing to help) 7. --Henry Troup 8. --SimonP 9. --an MP 10. --Mia Goff30+ year resident, would like to work on translating this topic for Czech Wikipedia 11. --Dhodges 12. --Dan Carkner 13. --Pburka 14. --Someones life 15. --Waterspyder(5 year resident, highly familiar with University communities in the area) 16. --D'Iberville 17. --Skeezix1000 18. --getcrunkjuice 19. --sikander 20. --Ardenn21:47, 29 December 2005 (UTC) 21. --Paat(10 year resident of Orléans, still go to French high school, and willing to expand articles on Orléans, and able to translate to French) 22. --Bacl-presbyHave spent considerable time in Ottawa over the years--sports, church history, music. 23. -- User:Jak Blax 24. -- Eric B ( T • C • W) 25. -- Dl20...


    1. Ottawa is the national capital of Canada, a nation historically rated #1 by the UN Human Development Index. 2. Ottawa-Gatineau is the fourth largest Census Metropolitan Area in Canada. 3. The National Capital Region is home to a vibrant and colourful history and population that should be brought to life in this living encyclopedia. 4. Ottawa is home to a wide range of notable institutions and structures, including the Rideau Canal, recently designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 5. Ot...

    Naming conventions

    1. Places: as [[Bank Street (Ottawa)]] with a redirect from [[Bank Street]], or a disambiguation pageif there is more than one place or thing with this name. 2. All OC Transpo stations: as [[Fallowfield Station (OC Transpo)]]. 3. Cities: as their former official full names but recognized as part of Ottawa (their current status), i.e. [[Osgoode Township, Ontario]], [[Gloucester, Ontario]]. 3.1. Neighbourhoods: Urban neighbourhoods are not disambiguated (example: [[New Edinburgh]]) unless anoth...


    WikiProject Ottawa consensus is that the following criteria are sufficient, but not necessaryconditions for notable articles: 1. Politics: Ottawa and Gatineau's Mayor and Councillors; Mayors of surrounding municipalities; other local politicians as secondary sources (e.g. media coverage) warrants 2. Roads: Roadways formally classified by the City of Ottawa as city freeway, arterial or major collector (Ottawa 2020 Transportation Master Plan, see roads in Maps 6 through 9) 3. Embassies and High...


    1. Vince Bevan 2. Dwight Eastman 3. Brian Ford 4. Gerry Lalonde 5. Julian Armour 6. Patrick Murray (politician) (aka Patrick J. Murray) 7. Merle Nicholds 8. Anton Wytenburgformer mayor of Goulbourn 9. Paul Bradley (politician) former mayor of Goulbourn and related? to Matt Bradley 10. Mary Pitt 11. Wendy Stewart 12. Jimmy Allen (firefighter) 13. Wayne Rostad 14. Larry O'Brien from Calianand the Mayor's race. 15. Eva Avila, gradual expansion as Canadian Idol progress - never thought an article...


    1. Ahearn & Soper 2. Calian 3. Hydro Ottawa 4. J.R. Booth Company 5. Ottawa Electric Railway Company 6. Ottawa Gas Company 7. Market Fresh (now defunct on the Ottawa side) or Marché Fraisin French if you want to wrote the article with the French title 8. Morisson-LamotheOttawa Valley bakery and food business


    1. Bytown 2. Great Fire of 1900 3. Stony Monday Riot 4. Corktown 5. Shiners' War

    {{Ottawa}}..To be placed at the "bottom" of Ottawa, Canada related articles.
    {{Ottawa landmarks}}..To be placed at the "bottom" of Ottawa, Canada related articles.
    {{WikiProject Ottawa}}...First of two templates that may to be placed on talk pages of Ottawa, Canada related articles (only one template needed)
    {{WikiProject Canada|ottawa=yes}}...Second of two templates that may to be placed on talk pages of Ottawa, Canada related articles (only one template needed)
    Main tool page:
    Reflinks- Edits bare references - adds title/dates etc. to bare references
    Checklinks- Edit and repair external links
    Dab solver- Quickly resolve ambiguous links.
    Peer reviewer- Provides hints and suggestion to improving articles.
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    The U.S. Roads WikiProject (USRD) serves as an umbrella project for articles relating to roads and highways in the United States. The main project serves as the focal point for coordinating national initiatives, such as standardization of article structure, infoboxes and junction lists.

    • CanadaMexicoNorth America
    • CountiesSuperfunds
    • United States
    • U.S. RoadsU.S. Streets
  7. Wikipedia:WikiProject Highways/Participants - Wikipedia › wiki › Wikipedia:WikiProject

    United States, Canada I mostly edit articles relating to United States roads. Mccunicano (talk · contribs) Active Japan, United States I'm currently working on expanding the English language content of Japanese highways and expressways. I also maintain some content from the United States, especially in the Atlanta area.

    • .mw-parser-output .module-shortcutboxplain{float:right;border:1px solid #aaa;background:#fff;margin:0 0 0 1em;padding:0.3em 0.6em 0.2em 0.6em;text-align:center;font-size:85%;font-weight:bold}.mw-parser-output .module-shortcutlist{display:inline-block;border-bottom:1px solid #aaa;margin-bottom:0.2em;font-weight:normal}.mw-parser-output .module-shortcutanchordiv{position:relative;top:-3em}.mw-parser-output li .module-shortcutanchordiv{float:right}ShortcutWP:HWY/P
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    Range of O. dimidiatus (yellow) in Central America. Oryzomys dimidiatus, also known as the Nicaraguan oryzomys, Thomas's rice rat, or the Nicaraguan rice rat, is a rodent in the genus Oryzomys of the family Cricetidae. It is known from only three specimens, all collected in southeastern Nicaragua (range pictured) since 1904.

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    The U.S. Roads WikiProject (USRD) serves as an umbrella project for articles relating to roads and highways in the United States. The main project serves as the focal point for coordinating national initiatives, such as standardization of article structure, infoboxes and junction lists.

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    The WikiProject Canada Roads/Saskatchewan has 7 members. Saskatchewan Roads and Highways To keep updated on proposals, deletion debates, etc. add {{Wikipedia:WikiProject Canada Roads/News}} or {{Wikipedia:WikiProject Canada Roads/News|right}} to your userpage to produce the box of notices in the above right.

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