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  1. Samgong bon-puri. Battle of the Samichon River. Battle of Sangju (1950) Sea of Japan naming dispute. Hee Seo. Third Battle of Seoul. Seungsahn. Typhoon Shanshan (2006) Smoking in North Korea.

  2. GAN. 29 Apr 2011 – First Battle of Maryang San GA nominated by Anotherclown was promoted, see discussion 02 Dec 2010 – Battle of Nam River GA nominated by Ed! was closed, see discussion

  3. 12 Mar 2018 – 1984–90 FC Seoul (Lucky Goldstar Hwangso) seasons move request by PBS was closed; discussion. 13 Mar 2018 – Manhole (film) move request by Ammarpad was closed; discussion. 17 Mar 2018 – Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea move request by was closed; discussion.

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  4. Oppose The current crisis is a significant international event, merging it into "2017 in North Korea"(or 2018 in North Korea it has now clearly spilled over into 2018) implies that is an event contained in North Korea. Dmartin969 09:05, 18 January 2018 (UTC) "2017 in North Korea" has a column for "South Korea and International".--

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