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  1. A measuring instrument is a device to measure a physical quantity. In the physical sciences , quality assurance , and engineering , measurement is the activity of obtaining and comparing physical quantities of real-world objects and events .

  2. If someone tagged your contributions with a "Citation needed" tag or tags, and you disagree, discuss the matter on the article's talk page.The most constructive thing to do in most cases is probably to supply the reference(s) requested, even if you feel the tags are "overdone" or unnecessary.

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    A typical soil is about 50% solids (45% mineral and 5% organic matter), and 50% voids (or pores) of which half is occupied by water and half by gas. The percent soil mineral and organic content can be treated as a constant (in the short term), while the percent soil water and gas content is considered highly variable whereby a rise in one is simultaneously balanced by a reduction in the other.

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    Italy (Italian: Italia ()), officially the Italian Republic (Italian: Repubblica Italiana [reˈpubblika itaˈljaːna]), is a country located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, in Southern Europe; its territory largely coincides with the homonymous geographical region.

  5. این مقاله دقیق، کامل و صحیح ترجمه نشده و نیازمند ترجمه به فارسی است.. کل یا بخشی از این مقاله به زبانی به‌جز زبان فارسی نوشته شده‌است.

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