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  1. A Meeting in the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters is a monumental 1897 oil-on-canvas group portrait by Peder Severin Krøyer, depicting the membership of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters during one of its meetings in the Prince's Mansion in Copenhagen.

  2. History Old Gilbertsville. The original town of Gilbertsville was founded in 1871 near the Tennessee River as "Clear Pond," named for a nearby lake. In 1874 it was incorporated and renamed "Gilbertsville" in honor of Jesse C. Gilbert, who served as a Kentucky state senator from 1871 to 1875.

  3. L'anglais est au départ une langue germanique, famille au sein de laquelle les langues vivantes les plus proches sont les langues frisonnes et le scots.Elle a néanmoins subi à plusieurs reprises l'influence d'autres langues germaniques comme le vieux norrois, de diverses langues romanes, tel le latin et surtout le français, influence latino-romane que l'on remarque non seulement dans les ...

  4. The Simple English Wikipedia also has some articles that are also in the Wiktionary. Changing pages in the Simple English Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a wiki, a kind of web site written by many people together. This means anyone can change any page by clicking on the "change this page" link.

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