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  1. L'anglais est au départ une langue germanique, famille au sein de laquelle les langues vivantes les plus proches sont les langues frisonnes et le scots.Elle a néanmoins subi à plusieurs reprises l'influence d'autres langues germaniques comme le vieux norrois, de diverses langues romanes, tel le latin et surtout le français, influence latino-romane que l'on remarque non seulement dans les ...

    • langue maternelle : 370 millions en 2020, total : 1,348 milliard en 2020
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    The cor anglais (UK: / ˌ k ɔːr ˈ ɒ ŋ ɡ l eɪ /, US: /-ɑː ŋ ˈ ɡ l eɪ / or original French: [kɔʁ ɑ̃ɡlɛ]; plural: cors anglais), or English horn in North America, is a double-reed woodwind instrument in the oboe family. It is approximately one and a half times the length of an oboe.

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    Les Anglais (Haitian Creole: Zanglè), French for "The English", is a commune in the Chardonnières Arrondissement, in the Sud department of Haiti.It has 27,182 inhabitants. The eye of Hurricane Matthew made landfall near Les Anglais on 4 October 2016 at 6 a.m. EST (11:00 a.m. UTC) as a powerful Category 4 hurricane with winds of 230 km/h (145 mph

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    • Haiti
    • 27,182
    • Sud
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    A country dance is any of a very large number of social dances of a type that originated in the British Isles; it is the repeated execution of a predefined sequence of figures, carefully designed to fit a fixed length of music, performed by a group of people, usually in couples, in one or more sets. The figures involve interaction with your partner and/or with other dancers, usually with a progression so that you dance with everyone in your set. It is common in modern times to have a "caller" wh

    A set is a formation of dancers. The most common formations are longways for as many as will, i.e. couples in long lines, and squares, consisting of four couples. The longways formation occurs in over 12,000 modern contra dances; it was also the most popular formation in all the dance publications of the 18th and early 19th centuries. In 2003, Burleson's Square Dancer's Encyclopedia listed 5125 calls or figures. Circles and fixed-length longways sets are also very common, but the possible format

    Country dances began to influence courtly dance in the 15th century and became particularly popular at the court of Elizabeth I of England. Many references to country dancing and titles shared with known 17th-century dances appear from this time, though few of these can be shown to refer to English country dance. While some early features resemble the morris dance and other early styles, the influence of the courtly dances of Continental Europe, especially those of Renaissance Italy, may also be

    The English country dance and the French contredanse, arriving independently in the American colonies, became the New England contra dance, which experienced a resurgence in the mid-20th century. The quadrille evolved into square dance in the United States while in Ireland it contributed to the development of modern Irish set dance. English country dance in Scotland developed its own flavour and became the separate Scottish country dance. English Ceilidh is a special case, being a convergence of

    Only due to the efforts of Cecil Sharp, Mary Neal and the English Folk Dance and Song Society in the late 19th and early 20th century did a revival take place, so that for some time schoolchildren were taught country dances. In the early 20th century, traditional and historical dances began to be revived in England. Neal, one of the first to do so, was principally known for her work in ritual dances, but Cecil Sharp, in the six volumes of his Country Dance Book, published between 1909 and 1922,

  5. The cor anglais, or English horn, is a double reed instrument in the woodwind family. It is very similar to an oboe, but as it is longer than an oboe it plays lower notes . The lowest note of an oboe is B flat (just below Middle C ). The lowest note of a cor anglais is an E natural, a diminished fifth (five notes of a scale, minus a semitone ...

  6. Café Anglais. /  48.8712722°N 2.3374472°E  / 48.8712722; 2.3374472. The Café Anglais ( French pronunciation: [kafe ɑ̃ɡlɛ], English café) was a famous French restaurant located at the corner of the Boulevard des Italiens (n° 13) and the Rue de Marivaux in Paris, France .

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