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    Argentina (Spanish: [aɾxenˈtina]), officially the Argentine Republic (Spanish: República Argentina), is a country located mostly in the southern half of South America. Sharing the bulk of the Southern Cone with Chile to the west, the country is also bordered by Bolivia and Paraguay to the north, Brazil to the northeast, Uruguay and the South ...

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    Argentina, oficialmente República Argentina, [e] es un país soberano de América del Sur, ubicado en el extremo sur y sudeste de dicho subcontinente.Adopta la forma de gobierno republicana, democrática, representativa y federal.

  3. Argentina (officially the Argentine Republic) is a country in South America. Argentina is the second-largest country in South America and the eighth-largest country in the world. Spanish is the most spoken language, and the official language, but many other languages are spoken.

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    The history of Argentina can be divided into four main parts: the pre-Columbian time or early history (up to the sixteenth century), the colonial period (1530–1810), the period of nation-building (1810–1880), and the history of modern Argentina (from around 1880).

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    Argentina is a developing country. It is the second-largest national economy in South America, behind Brazil. Argentina benefits from rich natural resources, a highly literate population, an export-oriented agricultural sector, and a diversified industrial base. Argentina's economic performance has historically been very uneven, with high ...

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    Argentina, oficialmente República Argentina (pronunciado em espanhol: [reˈpuβlika aɾxenˈtina]), é o segundo maior país da América do Sul em território e o terceiro em população, constituída como uma federação de 23 províncias e uma cidade autônoma, Buenos Aires, capital do país. É o oitavo maior país do mundo em área territorial e o maior entre as nações de língua ...

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    In 2010, 1,805,957 of the Argentine resident population were born outside Argentina, representing 4.50% of the total Argentine resident population. Illegal immigration has been a recent factor in Argentine demographics. Most illegal immigrants come from Bolivia and Paraguay, countries which border Argentina to the north.

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    Argentina, oficial Republica Argentina [upper-alpha 1] (în spaniolă República Argentina) este o republică federală din America de Sud.Se învecinează la nord cu Bolivia și Paraguay; la nord-est cu Brazilia, la est cu Uruguay și Oceanul Atlantic; la sud cu Oceanul Atlantic și la vest cu Chile.

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    L’Argentine, en forme longue la République argentine, (en espagnol: Argentina et República Argentina / r e ˈ p u β l i k a a ɾ x e n ˈ t i n a / [4]) est un pays d’Amérique du Sud partageant ses frontières avec le Chili à l’ouest, la Bolivie et le Paraguay au nord, le Brésil et l’Uruguay au nord-est, enfin l’océan Atlantique à l'est et au sud.

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