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  1. List of compositions by Ludwig van Beethoven - Wikipedia › wiki › Symphonies_(Beethoven)

    Beethoven composed works in all the main genres of classical music, including symphonies, concertos, string quartets, piano sonatas and one opera. His works range from requiring a solo performer to needing a large orchestra and chorus to perform.

  2. Beethoven Symphonies (Liszt) - Wikipedia › wiki › Symphonies_de_Beethoven
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    Beethoven Symphonies, S.464, are a set of nine transcriptions for solo piano by Franz Liszt of Ludwig van Beethoven's symphonies 1–9. They are among the most technically demanding piano music ever written.

    By 1837, Liszt appears to have completed the transcriptions of the fifth, sixth and seventh symphonies, of which the fifth and sixth were published by Breitkopf & Härtel and the seventh by Tobias Haslinger. In 1843, he arranged the third movement of the Third Symphony, which was later published by Pietro Mechetti in 1850. Liszt was paid 8 francs per page by Breitkopf & Härtel, who first requested two symphonies to be transcribed. During his 1840 travels in Europe he might have given the ...

    Vladimir Horowitz, in a 1988 interview, stated "I deeply regret never having played Liszt's arrangements of the Beethoven symphonies in public – these are the greatest works for the piano – tremendous works – every note of the symphonies is in the Liszt works." Liszt's Beethoven Symphony transcriptions are little known outside serious musical circles, and were in relative obscurity for over 100 years after their publication. It remains a mystery why none of Liszt's pupils performed or ...

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  4. Symphony No. 9 (Beethoven) - Wikipedia › wiki › Symphony_No

    The Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op. 125, is a choral symphony, the final complete symphony by Ludwig van Beethoven, composed between 1822 and 1824. It was first performed in Vienna on 7 May 1824. The symphony is regarded by many critics and musicologists as Beethoven's greatest work and one of the supreme achievements in the history of music.

    • 1822–1824
    • Four
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    Wikimedia Commons has media related to Symphonies of Ludwig van Beethoven.: Pages in category "Symphonies by Ludwig van Beethoven" The following 12 pages are in this category, out of 12 total.

  6. Symphony No. 1 (Beethoven) - Wikipedia › wiki › Symphony_No
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    Symphony in C major No. 1 by Ludwig van Beethoven Portrait of the composer in 1803, three years after the premiere CatalogueOp. 21 StyleClassical period Composed1795 –1800 DedicationGottfried van Swieten Performed2 April 1800: Vienna Published1801 MovementsFour Ludwig van Beethoven's Symphony No. 1 in C major, Op. 21, was dedicated to Baron Gottfried van Swieten, an early patron of the composer. The piece was published in 1801 by Hoffmeister & Kühnel of Leipzig. It is not known exactly...

    The symphony is clearly indebted to Beethoven's predecessors, particularly his teacher Joseph Haydn as well as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, but nonetheless has characteristics that mark it uniquely as Beethoven's work, notably the frequent use of sforzandi, as well as sudden shifts in tonal centers that were uncommon for traditional symphonic form, and the prominent, more independent use of wind instruments. Sketches for the finale are found among the exercises Beethoven wrote while studying counter

    The symphony is scored for the following instrumentation Woodwind

    There are four movements: Adagio molto – Allegro con brio, 4 4 – 2 2 Andante cantabile con moto, 3 8 in Menuetto: Allegro molto e vivace, 3 4 Adagio – Allegro molto e vivace, 2 4 A typical performance lasts between 22 and 29 minutes.

    The beginning of the twelve-bar introduction of the first movement is sometimes considered a "musical joke". For example, the English musicologist Donald Tovey has called this work "a comedy of manners". In fact, Symphony No. 1 can be regarded as a result of Beethoven's bold musical experimentation and advancement which he presents five years after Haydn's last symphony and twelve years after Mozart's final Jupiter Symphony: Unusually, Beethoven's Symphony No. 1 starts with a sequence of repeate

    • 1795–1800
    • 2 April 1800: Vienna
    • Four
    • 1801
  7. List of symphonies by key - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_symphonies_by_key

    Following Beethoven's precedent, most C minor symphonies of the Romantic period end in C major. Another option is to end in E-flat major (the relative key), as Mahler does in his Second Symphony. Ludwig van Beethoven. Symphony No. 5, op. 67 (1808) Felix Mendelssohn. Symphony No. 1, Op. 11 (1824) Johannes Brahms. Symphony No. 1, Op. 68 (1876 ...

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  9. Ludwig van Beethoven - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ... › wiki › Beethoven

    Beethoven continued to write compositions: a Violin Concerto, symphonies, piano concertos, string quartets and chamber music. Two of his greatest symphonies were produced in 1806: Symphony No. 5 and Symphony No. 6 "Pastorale". The first one was known for its dark and deep tone, especially in its first movement.

    • 17 December 1770
    • Bonn
    • Composer and pianist
    • 26 March 1827 (aged 56), Vienna
  10. Beethoven: Symphonies 1-9 by Arturo Toscanini on Amazon Music ... › Beethoven-Symphonies-1-9-Arturo

    Beethoven: Symphonies 1-9. Arturo Toscanini. December 31, 1997 4.5 out of 5 stars 80 ratings. See all 4 formats and editions Hide other formats and editions.

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