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      • The Chinese Wikipedia, or formally Zhongwen Wikipedia, is the Chinese version of the world's largest free encyclopedia project. While the Wikipedia has been around since TK, the Chinese version was started in May 2001. According to the Wikipedia language list, the main page was made on November 16, 2002.关于中文维基百科/en
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  2. Chinese Wikipedia - Wikipedia › wiki › Chinese_Wikipedia

    The countries and territories in which the Chinese Wikipedia is the most popular language version of Wikipedia are shown in light green. The Chinese Wikipedia is based on written vernacular Chinese, the official Chinese written language in all Chinese-speaking regions, including mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and Singapore.

  3. Chinese New Version - Wikipedia › wiki › New_Chinese_Version

    The Chinese New Version is a Chinese language Bible translation that was completed in 1992 by the Worldwide Bible Society with the assistance of the Lockman Foundation. It was formerly known as the "New Chinese Version", but the English name and abbreviation was changed to avoid confusion with the English New Century Version.

    • 新譯本 (Simplified 新 译本)
    • Chinese
  4. China is launching its own version of Wikipedia – without ... › news › world

    May 04, 2017 · China is launching its own version of Wikipedia – without public contributions. Communist Party commissions Chinese Encyclopaedia publishers to produce web version overseen by team of scholars ...

  5. Chinese Union Version - Wikipedia › wiki › Chinese_Union_Version
    • Overview
    • History
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    • Chinese Union Version with New Punctuation

    The Chinese Union Version is the predominant translation of the Bible into Chinese used by Chinese Protestants, first published in 1919. The text is now available online. The CUV is currently available in both traditional and simplified Chinese, and is published in Hong Kong by the Hong Kong Bible Society, a Bible society affiliated with the United Bible Societies; in Taiwan by the Bible Society in Taiwan, also associated with the United Bible Societies; and in China by Amity Printing Co., Ltd.,

    The CUV was translated by a panel with members from many different Protestant denominations, using the English Revised Version as a basis and original-language manuscripts for crosschecking. Work on the CUV began in 1890 and originally, three versions of the CUV were planned—two classical Chinese versions and a vernacular Mandarin Chinese version. The CUV was completed in 1919, with one amalgamated classical Chinese translation and one vernacular Mandarin translation. With the onset of ...

    Text in the Chinese Union Version is typeset generally vertically from right to left, with some captions for illustrations typeset horizontally from left to right. 1. The CUV employs old-style punctuation, setting most punctuation marks as if they were ruby. It uses the currently standard proper name mark only for personal names, but punctuation mark that can be described as a “double proper name mark” is used for geographical names; both of these are typeset on the right-hand side ...

    Because of the old-style and ad hoc punctuation, the CUV looks archaic and somewhat strange to the modern reader. The result of updating the CUV’s punctuation in line with modern usage is the Chinese Union Version with New Punctuation which was published in 1988. This edition with the Chinese characters written horizontally, printed by Amity Printing Company, Nanjing, and published by China Christian Council, Shanghai, constitutes the largest number of the Bibles in present-day China ...

    • 1919
    • Chinese
    • Chinese Union Version
    • China Christian Council or Hong Kong Bible Society (current)
  6. Mahjong - Wikipedia › wiki › Mahjong

    Chinese classical Mahjong is the oldest surviving variety of Mahjong and was the version introduced to America in the 1920s under various names. It has a small, loyal following in the West, although few play it in Asia.

    • 3 or 4
    • Tactics, observation, memory, adaptive strategies
  7. GitHub - kungcn/Chinese_Version_of_Wikipedia: This is a page ... › kungcn › Chinese_Version_of_Wikipedia

    This is a page written by myself to test the my skill in HTML and CSS. - kungcn/Chinese_Version_of_Wikipedia

  8. Wikipedia blocked in China in all languages - BBC News › news › technology-48269608

    May 14, 2019 · Internet censorship researchers found that Wikipedia had joined thousands of other websites which cannot be accessed in China. The country had previously banned the Chinese language version of the...

  9. Chinese Version of Wikipedia Launched › english › scitech

    May 15, 2006 · Chinese Version of Wikipedia Launched China's biggest Internet search site,, is going to launch a Chinese-language encyclopedia inspired by the cooperative reference site Wikipedia.

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