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    This is a list of words coming to English from or via Czech, or originating in the Lands of the Bohemian Crown, often called Czech lands. Words and expressions derived from the Czech language are called Bohemisms . Absurdistan (in Czech Absurdistán) – word created by Eastern Bloc dissidents, passed into English mainly through works of Václav Havel.

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    As the official language of the Czech Republic (a member of the European Union since 2004), Czech is one of the EU's official languages and the 2012 Eurobarometer survey found that Czech was the foreign language most often used in Slovakia.

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    Purists' attempts to cleanse the language of germanisms (both real and fictitious) had been occurring by that time. The publication of Josef Jungmann’s five-part Czech-German Dictionary (1830–1835) contributed to the renewal of Czech vocabulary. Thanks to the enthusiasm of Czech scientists, Czech scientific terminology was created.

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    • Czech-English dictionary & German, French, Italian, Spanish, Latin, Russian • Volny: Czech-English dictionary & German, French • Iate: multilingual terminological dictionary (European Union) • dictionary of foreign words: Latin, English… → online translation: Czech-English & other languages: text & web page

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    Using one of our 22 bilingual dictionaries, translate your word from English to Czech

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    The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Third Edition In the introduction to the 4th and 5th editions, it is mentioned that more than 10,000 words have been added, thus the total for the 5th edition will be more than 370,000 words.

    Approx. no. of words
    우리말샘 (Woori Mal Saem, 2017)
    Online open dictionary including dialects of South and North Korea.
    RedFox Pro
    Online dictionary. The free version has over 300,000 Finnish words and the Pro version has over 800,000 Finnish words. The dictionary has agglomerated other dictionaries, such as technical ones, and the largest set comes from Wordnet. Note that even this dictionary essentially doesn't include inflections.
    Kurdish Language Dictionary Authority,Kurdish language unity
    Contains 735,320 keywords from A few Kurdish dialects.However, in these censuses, other dialects of Kurdish and idiom, phraseology and discourse in Kurdish were not counted.With all dialects the Kurdish language contains a total of 1,200,000 words. It contains 1,600,000 words with all the idioms and phrases.Dialects unchecked in 735,320 thousand words :Southern Kurdish(Rojhilat Kurdish Dialects): (Laki, Bayray, Feyli, Garrusi (Bijari), Kermanshahi, Kolyai, Kordali, Malekshahi, Sanyabi, Kalhori (kalhurî), Zangana, Lorî), Başurî Kurdish Dialects, Rojava Kurdish Dialects, Bakurî Kurdish Dialects
    Svenska Akademiens ordbok, Swedish Academy
    After having completed letters A through T SAOB included 470,000 words, but 600,000 words when the alphabet was completed in 2017. Svenska Akademiens ordlista, which includes only commonly used words, currently includes ~126,000 words after having added 13,500 and removed 9,000 in its latest edition, SAOL 14, plus an additional 200,000 still encountered words in earlier editions.
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    Czech <> English online translation. Czech <> English dictionary, monolingual Czech dictionary and other resources for the Czech language.

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    Czech-English dictionary. Enter a word into the search field above to translate it from Czech to English. You can also enter words in English as the dictionary is searched in both Czech and English simultaneously. Use the drop-down menu or the dictionary overview page to select another dictionary. The search filters help you identify the correct English translation in the Czech to English dictionary.

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    Johnson's dictionary was prepared at 17 Gough Square, London, an eclectic household, between the years of 1746 and 1755.By 1747 Johnson had written his Plan of a Dictionary of the English Language, which spelled out his intentions and proposed methodology for preparing his document.

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