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  1. Czech ( / tʃɛk /; Czech čeština [ˈtʃɛʃcɪna] ), historically also Bohemian [5] ( / boʊˈhiːmiən, bə -/; [6] lingua Bohemica in Latin ), is a West Slavic language of the Czech–Slovak group, written in Latin script. [5] Spoken by over 10 million people, it serves as the official language of the Czech Republic.

  2. (August 2011) Click for important translation instructions. The Czech Wikipedia ( Czech: Česká Wikipedie) is the Czech language edition of Wikipedia. [1] [2] [3] This Wikipedia contains 510,184 articles, 2,155 active users, and 32 administrators. It was created on May 3, 2002 [4] on a request of a Czech editor of the Esperanto Wikipedia. [5]

  3. Czech language. Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and other worldwide. The Czech language is a Slavic language spoken by people in the Czech Republic. Ten million people speak it. It is very similar to the Slovak language; the differences between these two languages are small enough that speakers of Czech and Slovak usually understand each other. It has three genders [2] and is an inflected language like Latin.

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  5. Select the Czech as source language for translation. Select the English as target translation language. Enter the Czech words, phrases, scentenses or pargraph that you want to translate. Click the translate button and you will get the Czech to English translation immediately.

  6. The Czech (čeština) translation and a list of definitions for the English expression "Wikipedia." sales1-at-translation-services-usa-dot-com Toll Free: (800) 790-3680

  7. Czech Wikipedia ( Czech: Česká Wikipedie) is the Czech language edition of Wikipedia .. Founded on January 15, 2001 and reaching three million articles by August 2009, it was the first edition of Wikipedia and remains the largest, with more than three times as many articles as the next largest, the German Wikipedia .

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