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  1. Death was an American death metal band formed in Altamonte Springs, Florida in 1984 by guitarist and vocalist Chuck Schuldiner.Death is considered to be among the most influential bands in heavy metal and a pioneering force in the extreme metal subgenre of death metal.

    • History

      Founded in 1984 by Chuck Schuldiner under the original name...

    • Musical style and legacy

      Death is considered to be one of the most influential bands...

    • Members

      Final lineup 1. Chuck Schuldiner – guitars, vocals, bass 2....

    • Discography

      Studio albums 1. Scream Bloody Gore 2. Leprosy 3. Spiritual...

    • Chuck Schuldiner

      Charles Michael Schuldiner (May 13, 1967 – December 13,...

    • Death Discography

      The discography of Death consists of seven studio albums and...

  2. Death is an American rock band formed in Detroit, Michigan, in 1964 by brothers Bobby (bass, vocals), David (guitar), and Dannis (drums) Hackney.The trio started out as a funk band but switched to rock after seeing a concert by The Who.

    • 1964–1977, 2009–present
    • Detroit, Michigan, United States
  3. Death was an American death metal band from Altamonte Springs, Florida.Formed in late 1983 under the name Mantas, the group originally consisted of guitarist and vocalist Chuck Schuldiner, second guitarist Frederick "Rick Rozz" DeLillo, and drummer and vocalist Barney "Kam" Lee.

    Years Active
    Release Contributions
    1983–1995 1997–2001 (until his ...
    guitars bass (1983–84, 1984–85, 1986–87) ...
    drums vocals
    Death by Metal (1984) Reign of Terror ...
    Rick Rozz (Frederick DeLillo)
    1983–1985 1987–1989
    Death by Metal (1984) Reign of Terror ...
    Dave Tett
    none (performed on the first Mantas ...
  4. Death was one of the first ever death metal bands in the United States. They started in 1983 under the name Mantas and they changed the name to Death in 1984. Death is no longer a band because their guitarist Chuck Schuldiner died on December 13, 2001. He was 34 years old. He had brain cancer and the drugs he used to beat the cancer made him weak.

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    • Bandgeschichte
    • Diskografie
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    1983 gründete Chuck Schuldiner im Alter von 16 Jahren zusammen mit Rick Rozz und Kam Lee die Band Mantas. Zunächst war Schlagzeuger Lee für den Gesang verantwortlich, doch schon im folgenden Jahr übernahm Schuldiner neben der Gitarre auch den Posten am Mikrofon. Im Sommer 1984 wurde Death by Metal aufgenommen. Die ersten Lieder „klingen brutal und roh, sind noisig, legen aber auch mal einen mitreißenden Groove an den Tag und sind untrennbar ein Teil des Fundaments des Death Metal“. Nach den Aufnahmen wurde Mantas aufgelöst, von Schuldiner jedoch kurz darauf als Death reformiert. Bis 1985 hatte die Formation keinen festen Bassisten, weswegen Schuldiner auf den ersten Demoaufnahmen auch diese Aufgabe übernahm. Allerdings verließen im selben Jahr Lee und Rozz Death und gründeten ihre eigene Band Massacre. Auch die anderen Instrumente der Band verwaisten im Laufe des Jahres. Nach Intermezzi diverser Gastmusiker nahm Schuldiner 1987 fast komplett in Eigenregie – nur unterstützt von Drumm...


    1. 1987: Scream Bloody Gore 2. 1988: Leprosy 3. 1990: Spiritual Healing 4. 1991: Human 5. 1993: Individual Thought Patterns 6. 1995: Symbolic 7. 1998: The Sound of Perseverance


    1. 1983: Death by Metal(als Mantas) 2. 1984: Reign of Terror 3. 1984: Live at Ruby's Pub(Live) 4. 1985: Infernal Death 5. 1985: Rigor Mortis 6. 1985: Back from the Dead 7. 1986: Mutilation


    1. 1992: Fate: The Best of Death(Best of) 2. 2001: Live in L.A. 3. 2001: Live in Eindhoven – Support Chuck! 4. 2004: Zero Tolerance(Zusammenstellung von Demomaterial) 5. 2004: Zero Tolerance II(Zusammenstellung von Demomaterial)

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    • 1983 (als Mantas), 1984 (Umbenennung in Death)
    • Chuck Schuldiner † 13. Dez. 2001
    • History
    • Previous Members
    • Discography

    Living Death was formed in 1980[citation needed] in Velbert, Germany by Reiner and Dieter Kelch, and Frank Fricke, starting out as a simple heavy metal band. In 1981 drummer Frank Schubring and vocalist Thorsten "Toto" Bergmann joined. A year later they recorded their self-titled demo, resulting in 1983 in a deal with Earthshaker. Later that year Frank Schubring left the band and was replaced by Harald Lutze. In 1984 Living Death released their rough-sounding debut album Vengeance of Hell which, despite poor production quality, sold well in all independent charts. Living Death then went on tour in support of Warlock; after which they fired drummer Harald Lutze and replaced him with Andreas Overhoff. In January 1985 they released the EP Watch-Out! with three remixed songs from the first LP and the self-titled track. In August Metal Revolution was released. Due to its cult status the album was re-issued in 2002 by Shark Records. A year later they signed a deal with Aaarrg Records and...

    Last-known lineup

    1. Thorsten "Toto" Bergmann (singer) 2. Andreas Oberhoff (drummer) 3. Reiner Kelch (guitar) 4. Dieter Kelch (bass) Vocals: 1. Thorsten "Toto" Bergmann (1981–1989) (Sacred Chao, X-Mas Project) 2. Gerald Thelen (1989–1991) Guitars: 1. Frank 'Fred' Fricke (1980–1989) (Mekong Delta, X-Mas Project, Sacred Chao, ex-U.D.O.) Drums: 1. Frank Schubring (1981–1983) 2. Eric (session drums on Vengeance of Hell) 3. Harald Lutze (1984) 4. Andreas Oberhoff (1984–1986) 5. Atomic Steif (1986–1989) (Stahlträger...

    Studio albums

    1. Vengeance of Hell(1984) 2. Metal Revolution(1985) 3. Protected from Reality(1987) 4. Worlds Neuroses(1989) 5. Killing in Action(1991)


    1. Watch Out!(1985) 2. Back to the Weapons(1986) 3. Live(1988)

    Compilation albums

    1. Living Death(1994)

    • 1980–1991
    • Velbert, Germany
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