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  1. Wikipedia, free Internet-based encyclopaedia, started in 2001, that operates under an open-source management style. It is overseen by the nonprofit Wikimedia Foundation. Wikipedia uses a collaborative software known as wiki that facilitates the creation and development of articles.

  2. This legendary singer and actress was the plucky heroine of a beloved classic from 1939. Cordozar Calvin Broadus, Jr. This rapper is considered by many to epitomize West Coast hip-hop culture. Howard Allen O’Brien. With her best-selling series of novels, this author helped make vampires popular.

  3. Windows OS. In 2015 Microsoft released Windows 10, which came with Cortana, a digital personal assistant like Apple’s Siri, and the Web browser Microsoft Edge, which replaced Internet Explorer. Microsoft also announced that Windows 10 would be the last version of Windows, meaning that users would receive regular updates to the….

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  5. robert mchenry, in full robert dale mchenry, (born april 30, 1945, st. louis, missouri, u.s.), american encyclopaedist, editor, and author who was vice president and editor in chief of encyclopædia britannica from 1992 to 1997, during its difficult transition from a print product sold door-to-door to an electronic database delivered on the …

  6. glass, an inorganic solid material that is usually transparent or translucent as well as hard, brittle, and impervious to the natural elements. Glass has been made into practical and decorative objects since ancient times, and it is still very important in applications as disparate as building construction, housewares, and telecommunications. It is made by cooling molten ingredients such as ...

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