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  1. The Chinese language has two words for dictionary: zidian (character/logograph dictionary) for written forms, that is, Chinese characters, and cidian (word/phrase dictionary), for spoken forms.

  2. 0580 (Tang) Lu Deming 's exegetical dictionary for Chinese classic texts. Jiyun. 1037 (Song) Rime dictionary expansion of the Guangyun, 53,525 head characters. Kangxi Dictionary. 1716 (Qing) Kangxi era character dictionary, 47,000 entries, see also List of 214 Kangxi radicals. Leipian.

    First Chinese dictionary collated in ...
    Herbert Allen Giles ' bestselling ...
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    A Dictionary of the Chinese Language, in Three Parts or Morrison's Chinese dictionary, compiled by the Anglo-Scottish missionary Robert Morrison was the first Chinese-English, English-Chinese dictionary. Part I is Chinese-English arranged by the 214 Kangxi radicals, Part II is Chinese-English arranged alphabetically, and Part III is English-Chinese...

    The title pages of the dictionary's parts give two versions of the full title. Part I's title page reads "Part the First; Containing Chinese and English, Arranged According to the Radicals; Part the Second; Chinese and English, Arranged Alphabetically; and Part the Third, English and Chinese". The title pages of Part II and Part iii read "Part the ...

    Robert Morrison's Chinese-English dictionary has received both blame and praise. Considering that he was a self-taught lexicographer who compiled a dictionary of such a colossal size and scope, working with assistants who did not speak English, it would inevitably fall short of perfection, such the typographical errors and misprints noted above. Wi...

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  4. › wiki › Dictionary_of_Modern_ChineseXiandai Hanyu Cidian - Wikipedia

    A traditional Chineseedition was published in 2001 by the Commercial Press (Hong Kong). It contains about 60,000 entries, with all entries labeled with Zhuyinalongside Hanyu Pinyin. 現代漢語詞典(繁體版)[A Dictionary of Current Chinese (Traditional Chinese edition)]. ISBN 9789620702112.

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    • December 1978 (1st edition), September 2016 (7th edition)
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    A Syllabic Dictionary of the Chinese Language: Arranged According to the Wu-Fang Yuen Yin, with the Pronunciation of the Characters as Heard in Peking, Canton, Amoy, and Shanghai or the Hàn-Yīng yùnfǔ 漢英韻府, compiled by the American sinologist and missionary Samuel Wells Williams in 1874, is a 1,150-page bilingual dictionary including 10,940 charact...

    The lengthy English title A Syllabic Dictionary of the Chinese Language: Arranged According to the Wu-Fang Yuen Yin, with the Pronunciation of the Characters as Heard in Peking, Canton, Amoy, and Shanghai refers to the influential rime dictionary of Chinese varieties compiled by Fan Tengfeng 樊騰鳳, the Wufang yuanyin 五方元音 "Proto-sounds of Speech in A...

    Samuel Wells Williams, known as Wèi Sānwèi 衛三畏 in Chinese, was an American missionary, diplomat, and sinologist. In 1833, the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions sent Williams to manage their printing press of at Canton China. After a productive 40 years spent in China, Williams returned to the United States in 1877 and became the ...

    The 1150-page Syllabic Dictionary is preceded by the front matter with a 6-page preface and an 84-page introduction. The latter introduces the Wufang yuanyin, orthography, aspiration, tones, Middle Chinese pronunciations, the range of regional Chinese varieties, a table with 8 regional pronunciations of an extract from the Sacred Edict of the Kangx...

    Scholars have both praised and criticized Williams’s dictionary. One of the first reviewers did both. Willem Pieter Groeneveldt praises Williams for "surpassing all those before him, he has given us a dictionary better than any existing before" and advises every student of Chinese to buy this "great boon to sinology"; and yet he criticizes Williams...

    • Samuel Wells Williams
    • lxxxiv, 1150, appendices 1151-1254
    • 1874
    • 1874
  5. Concise Dictionary of Spoken Chinese From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Concise Dictionary of Spoken Chinese (1947), which was compiled by Yuen Ren Chao and Lien Sheng Yang, made numerous important lexicographic innovations.

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