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  1. Chinese dictionary - Wikipedia

    The Chinese language has two words for dictionary: zidian (character/logograph dictionary) for written forms, that is, Chinese characters, and cidian (word/phrase dictionary), for spoken forms.

  2. A Dictionary of the Chinese Language - Wikipedia

    A Dictionary of the Chinese Language From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A Dictionary of the Chinese Language, in Three Parts or Morrison's Chinese dictionary (1815-1823), compiled by the Anglo-Scottish missionary Robert Morrison was the first Chinese-English, English-Chinese dictionary.

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  4. List of Chinese dictionaries - Wikipedia

    Best-selling Chinese dictionary, world's most popular reference work, 11 editions, 3,300 character entries, 189-radical system Yiqiejing Yinyi (Huilin) 0807 (Tang)

    First Chinese dictionary collated in single-sort alphabetical order of pinyin, John DeFrancis
    Herbert Allen Giles' bestselling dictionary, 2nd ed. 1912
    First Chinese-English, English-Chinese dictionary, Robert Morrison
    First Chinese-English dictionary to include regional pronunciations, Samuel Wells Williams
  5. Xiandai Hanyu Cidian - Wikipedia

    In 1994, A Dictionary of Current Chinese won China's First National Book Award. The seventh edition contains about 70,000 entries including characters, words and expressions, idiomatic phrases and idioms. The dictionary is also available in digital format on CD-ROMs and Traditional Chinese digital versions.

    • China
    • Chinese
    • Dictionary
    • December 1978 (1st edition), September 2016 (7th edition)
  6. A Chinese–English Dictionary - Wikipedia–English_Dictionary
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    A Chinese–English Dictionary Title page from Giles' A Chinese–English Dictionary. The epigraph quotes Longinus, "Failure in a great attempt is at least a noble error". AuthorHerbert Allen Giles CountryChina LanguageChinese, English PublisherKelly and Walsh Publication date 1892 Media typePrint Pagesxlvi, 1415 OCLC272554592 A Chinese–English Dictionary, compiled by the British consular officer and sinologist Herbert Allen Giles, is the first Chinese–English encyclopedic dictionary...

    Herbert Giles worked for 18 years to compile and publish the 1892 first edition A Chinese-English Dictionary, which contains 10,859 character head entries plus 2,989 variant characters for a total of 13,848 entries. He decided to number every head entry—an improvement lacking in the earlier dictionaries of Morrison, Medhurst, and Williams—in order to facilitate internal cross-referencing and make it easier for users to find characters. Giles subsequently worked for 20 years revising and ...

    Giles' A Chinese-English Dictionary has received both acclaim and censure. An early critic, the Chinese Malaysian scholar Gu Hongming criticized Giles' lack of overall insight into Chinese literature, and said It is this want of philosophical insight in Dr. Giles which makes him so helpless in the arrangement of his materials in his books. Take for instance his great dictionary. It is in no sense a dictionary at all. It is merely a collection of Chinese phrases and sentences, translated by Dr. G

    • Herbert Allen Giles
    • China
    • 1892
    • Chinese, English
  7. Medhurst's Chinese and English Dictionary - Wikipedia's_Chinese_and...

    The Chinese and English Dictionary: Containing All the Words in the Chinese Imperial Dictionary, Arranged According to the Radicals (1842), compiled by the English Congregationalist missionary Walter Henry Medhurst (1796-1857), is the second major Chinese-English dictionary after Robert Morrison 's pioneering (1815-1823) A Dictionary of the Chinese Language.

  8. Kangxi Dictionary - Wikipedia

    The Kangxi Dictionary (Chinese: 康熙字典; pinyin: Kāngxī Zìdiǎn) was the standard Chinese dictionary during the 18th and 19th centuries. The Kangxi Emperor of Qing Dynasty ordered its compilation in 1710.

  9. Mathews' Chinese–English Dictionary - Wikipedia'_Chinese-English...

    A Chinese–English Dictionary: Compiled for the China Inland Mission by R. H. Mathews (1931) or Mathews' Chinese–English Dictionary (1943), edited by the Australian Congregationalist missionary Robert Henry Mathews (1877-1970), was the standard Chinese–English dictionary for decades.

    • China
    • China Inland Mission Press
  10. Chinese - Wiktionary
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    From China +‎ -ese.


    1. (UK) enPR: chī-nēzʹ, IPA(key): /t͡ʃaɪˈniːz/; (sometimes) enPR: chīʹnēz, IPA(key): /ˈt͡ʃaɪniːz/ 2. (US) enPR: chī'nēzʹ, IPA(key): /ˌt͡ʃaɪˈniz/; (sometimes) enPR: chīʹnēz', IPA(key): /ˈt͡ʃaɪˌniz/ 3. Rhymes: -iːz


    Chinese (countable and uncountable, plural Chinese) 1. Language: 1.1. (uncountable) Any of several Sinitic languages spoken in China, especially Literary Chinese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Wu, or Min Nan. 1.1.1. Peter is from Hong Kong and speaks Chinese. 1.2. (uncountable) The class of Sino-Tibetan dialects including Mandarin, Wu, Cantonese, Min Nan and others. 1.2.1. Wu and Hakka are lesser-known varieties of Chinese. 1.3. (uncountable) The logographic writing system shared by this language fami...


    From Chinees +‎ -e.


    1. IPA(key): /ʃiˈneː.sə/ 2. Hyphenation: Chi‧ne‧se 3. Rhymes: -eːsə


    Chinese f (plural Chinesen, masculine Chinees) 1. female person from China


    China +‎ -ese


    1. IPA(key): /çiˈneːzə/


    Chinese m (genitive Chinesen, plural Chinesen) 1. person from China

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