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  1. UP Diksiyonaryong Filipino. The UP Diksiyonaryong Filipino ( UPDF; "UP Filipino Dictionary") is a series of monolingual Filipino dictionaries. The dictionaries were created by the Sentro ng Wikang Filipino of the University of the Philippines, with Virgilio S. Almario, National Artist for Literature and a professor at the University of the ...

  2. (November 2021) As a historical colony of the United States, the Philippine English lexicon shares most of its vocabulary from American English, but also has loanwords from native languages and Spanish, as well as some usages, coinages, and slang peculiar to the Philippines.

  3. The Philippines is a founding and prominent member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). It is also an active participant of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), a member of the Group of 24 and one of the 51 founding members of the United Nations on October 24, 1945.

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  5. The present name of the Philippines was bestowed by the Spanish explorer Ruy López de Villalobos or one of his captains Bernardo de la Torre in 1543, during an expedition intended to establish greater Spanish control at the western end of the division of the world established between Spain and Portugal by the treaties of Tordesillas and Zaragoza.Having already named Mindanao for their king ...

  6. Aug 28, 2022 · This page covers a non-exhaustive list of English words or senses specific to or unique to the Philippines. A few Philippine English words has been recognized in major English dictionaries like Merriam-Webster or Oxford English Dictionary. English Wikipedia has an article on: Philippine English.

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  9. Philippine English ( Tagalog: Ingles ng Pilipinas, Cebuano: Iningles Pilipinas) or Filipino English ( Tagalog: Ingles Pilipino, Cebuano: Iningles Pilipino) a dialect of English spoken in the Philippines. It is the main language of government, school and business in the Philippines.

  10. Jun 1, 2023 · Capital: Manila 1 Population: (2023 est.) 114,755,000 Currency Exchange Rate: 1 USD equals 55.929 Philippine peso Form Of Government: unitary republic with two legislative houses (Senate [24]; House of Representatives [291]) ... (Show more) See all facts & stats →

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