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    Donald John Trump was born on June 14, 1946, at Jamaica Hospital in the borough of Queens in New York City, the fourth child of Fred Trump, a Bronx-born real estate developer whose parents were German immigrants, and Mary Anne MacLeod Trump, an immigrant from Scotland.

    • Donald John Trump, June 14, 1946 (age 74), Queens, New York City
    • Joe Biden
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    Donald Trump – Unspecified Protestant Trump said in 2015 that he attends Reformed Marble Collegiate Church in Manhattan, where he married his first wife Ivana in 1977, although the church says that he is not an "active member". [128]

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    Kylie Bax, Donald Trump, Bill Clinton (at that time the President of the United States), and Melania Knauss (future Trump) at the US Open in 2000, Flushing, New York. In September 1998, Knauss met then-real estate mogul Donald Trump at a party, and the couple began dating [47] while the latter was in the process of divorcing his second wife ...

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    Early life

    Trump claims he was born in New York in 1946, and has copies of his birth certificates available for scrutiny on his SamsungGalaxy. There is a possibility he was also dropped on his head; this could explain the stringy, nearly natural-looking textile that now grows out of the top of it. Trump is the son of wealthy real-estate magnate Fred Trump and his wife Ethel Trump (née Mertz). He joined the family property-management business, Fred and Ethel and a Few Skyscrapers, Inc., which became noto...


    Donald Trump earns most of his income through royalties from the 2002 Activision game, Donald Trump's Real Estate Tycoon. The rest of his fortune comes from selling TRUMP brand licensing to hotel companies in the third world, who wish to affect an air of American haughtiness and excess to foreignerswho don't know any better. Aside from real-estate, Trump has whittled away billions on other feckless business ventures. He promoted a line of gourmet Trump Steaks, which sold quality cuts of beef...

    The Apprentice

    Trump was the star and executive producer (and, coincidentally, majority owner) of a reality show on NBC called The Apprentice, whose episodes feature a dozen businesspeople competing to be hired for a one-year contract to manage either one of Trump's un-reality real-estate companies or his fantasy football team in the defunct U.S. Football League. Each show ends with Trump uttering his signature phrase, "You're fired," to one of the competitors, who of course had not yet been hired. Camera c...


    It is a tenet of American business to slap the name of any good product onto several other products of lower quality. Thus, in 2005, Trump created the spin-off series The Apprentice: Martha Stewart. He hired self-made billionaire and self-made jailbird Stewart to interview "candidates" who would assist her in everything from laundering intimate apparel to laundering money. Trump and Stewart had a falling-out during the year, based on Nielsen ratings and on Stewart's notorious arrest and trial...

    2012 presidential campaign

    Although ever-anxious for greater public exposure than he could achieve through the backwater of network television, Trump had never evidenced interest in government, outside a few retail campaign contributions in cash; nor had he mounted a serious campaign for political office. However, he hadmounted several things that resembled campaigns, due to virtuoso use of crass stunts and personal attacks. The key discriminant was that these "campaigns" follow not the U.S. election schedule but the N...

    Birther controversy

    Trump made it on stage with the so-called "Seven Dwarfs" who were contesting the Presidency in 2012 at the notorious quadrennial "Politics and Eggs" breakfast symposium, though neither were thrown. While the other seven presented some sort of platform for the management of the U.S. government, Trump's entire thesis was that Obama was not a "natural-born citizen." Finally, Obama released a Photoshopfile from 1959 that disproved this charge. Trump declared that this act effectively made himself...


    Donald Trump formally announced his impending presidency on June of 2015. People initially dismissed his candidacy as an extended ad for the Apprentice (Sundays 9/8c, only on NBC), and in response, Trump roped the media in with a steady supply of unabashed racism and angry yelling, the crack cocaineof television. News reports of Trump's steady rise followed a strict routine: a panel expressing bemused incredulity, followed by an uninterrupted two-hour long broadcast of a Trump rally, followed...


    Hillary lost. This has made some people upset.

    Donald Trump was inaugurated on 20 January 2016 by Justice Chief Robert Johns after he swore a boring oath. Once he entered the Oval Office, Trump got right to work. On his first week in office, he signed six executive orders of Big Macs, none of which he shared with Melania. On December 20, 2019, Trump founded the United States Space Force, a service branch of the United States Armed Forces tasked with locating and documenting the G-spot. This action was met with bipartisan praise and support, with Republicans futilely hoping that fat white men would be able to legitimately please their prostitutes and Democratsmaintaining that universal access to the G-spot is a human right. Melania Trump said that while she appreciates her sugar daddy’s efforts, she remains doubtful that he will ever be able to find the G-spot.

  6. Some Lesser Known Facts About Donald Trump. Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States. He is the oldest President of the US and also the third President in America’s history to be impeached. Donald Trump’s mother was Scottish, and she had immigrated to the United States in 1930. She used to work as a domestic servant.

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    Donald Trump's questioning how Obama gained admission to two Ivy-League institutions, as well as his comment, "I have a great relationship with the blacks," led David Remnick, David Letterman and Bill Maher, among others, to accuse Trump of racism, and an increased attention on race with respect to Obama.

  8. Jay Sekulow - Wikipedia › wiki › Jay_Sekulow

    As a member of President Donald Trump's legal team, he served as lead outside counsel for Trump's First Impeachment Trial in the United States Senate. [1] [3] Sekulow built a legal and media business over a thirty-year period by representing conservative, religious, and pro-life groups.

  9. Examples of Bias in Wikipedia - Conservapedia › Examples_of_bias_in_Wikipedia

    Wikipedia's article on Donald Trump is a hit piece consisting mainly of negative statements and allegations, including an entire section dedicated to how "fact-checkers" and "academics" from CNN and other left-wing news outlets have concluded that Trump has made up to 18,000 false statements since taking office (though no examples are listed ...

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    Heather Mac Donald was born in Los Angeles, California, the daughter of Robert (an attorney) and Elouise MacDonald. [citation needed] She added the space to her surname independently. In 1978 she graduated from Yale University with a BA summa cum laude in English.

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