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    • How to Use Multistream?
    • Other Languages
    • File System Limits
    • Operating System Limits
    • Tips
    • Please Do Not Use A Web Crawler
    • Doing SQL Queries on The Current Database Dump
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    Dumps from any Wikimedia Foundation project: and the Internet Archive
    English Wikipedia dumps in SQL and XML: and the Internet Archive
    To download a subset of the database in XML format, such as a specific category or a list of articles see: Special:Export, usage of which is described at Help:Export.
    Wiki front-end software: MediaWiki .

    For multistream, you can get an index file, pages-articles-multistream-index.txt.bz2. The first field of this index is the number of bytes to seek into the compressed archive pages-articles-multistream.xml.bz2, the second is the article ID, the third the article title. Cut a small part out of the archive with dd using the byte offset as found in th...

    In the directory you will find the latest SQL and XML dumps for the projects, not just English. The sub-directories are named for the language code and the appropriate project. Some other directories (e.g. simple, nostalgia) exist, with the same structure. These dumps are also available from the Internet Archive. Images and othe...

    There are two limits for a file system: the file system size limit, and the file system limit. In general, since the file size limit is less than the file system limit, the larger file system limits are a moot point. A large percentage of users assume they can create files up to the size of their storage device, but are wrong in their assumption. F...

    Each operating system has internal file system limits for file size and drive size, which is independent of the file system or physical media. If the operating system has any limits lower than the file system or physical media, then the OS limits will be the real limit. Windows 1. Windows 95, 98, ME have a 4 GB limit for all file sizes. 2. Windows ...

    Detect corrupted files

    It is useful to check the MD5 sums (provided in a file in the download directory) to make sure the download was complete and accurate. This can be checked by running the "md5sum" command on the files downloaded. Given their sizes, this may take some time to calculate. Due to the technical details of how files are stored, file sizesmay be reported differently on different filesystems, and so are not necessarily reliable. Also, corruption may have occurred during the download, though this is un...

    Reformatting external USB drives

    If you plan to download Wikipedia Dump files to one computer and use an external USB flash drive or hard driveto copy them to other computers, then you will run into the 4 GB FAT32 file size limit. To work around this limit, reformat the >4 GB USB drive to a file system that supports larger file sizes. If working exclusively with Windows computers, then reformat the USB drive to NTFS file system.

    Linux and Unix

    If you seem to be hitting the 2 GB limit, try using wget version 1.10 or greater, cURL version 7.11.1-1 or greater, or a recent version of lynx(using -dump). Also, you can resume downloads (for example wget -c). Suppose you are building a piece of software that at certain points displays information that came from Wikipedia. If you want your program to display the information in a different way than can be seen in the live version, you'll probably need the wikicode that is used to enter it, i...

    Please do not use a web crawlerto download large numbers of articles. Aggressive crawling of the server can cause a dramatic slow-down of Wikipedia.

    You can do SQL queries on the current database dump using Quarry (as a replacement for the disabled Special:Asksqlpage).

    See also: mw:Manual:Database layout The sql file used to initialize a MediaWiki database can be found here.

    The XML schema for each dump is defined at the top of the file and described in the MediaWiki export help page. 1. Wikipedia:Computer help desk/ParseMediaWikiDump describes the PerlParse::MediaWikiDump library, which can parse XML dumps. 2. Wikipedia preprocessor ( is a Perlscript that preprocesses raw XML dumps and builds link tables, ...

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