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    A world map is a map of most or all of the surface of Earth. World maps, because of their scale, must deal with the problem of projection. Maps rendered in two dimensions by necessity distort the display of the three-dimensional surface of the earth. While this is true of any map, these distortions reach extremes in a world map.

  2. Map of the Earth may refer to: World map, map of world areas, population, volcanoes, etc. Political map, map showing regional boundaries.

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    Many more available in Category:Blank maps of the world
    Blank world map
    Eckert4-World Map (as used by ARTE-TVs "Mit offenen Karten"
    The World with points
    Simplified blank world map without Antarctica


    1. Mining 2. Unemployment in 2007. 3. ACP States 4. GDP per capita 2007 5. GDP nominal and PPP 2007 6. GDP growth 2007 7. Inflation in 2009 8. Gini coefficient 9. Countries above and below world average GDP PPP per capita 10. Current Account Balance 2006 11. Current Account Balance 2006 as % of GDP 12. Current Account Balance 2006, per capita 13. Vegetation 14. soil erosion 15. Rainfall erosivity

    Political world maps

    1. All the countries of the world 2. Prisoners per 100,000 citizens 3. States of the Non-Aligned Movement 4. States of the Middle East 5. APEC member countries 6. Council of Europe 7. ICC member states 8. Kyoto Protocol participation 2009 9. Localisation of nuclear weapons 10. Ottawa Treaty members 11. Iberoamerican Summit 12. Summit of the Americas. 13. Member states Conference on Disarmament (CD) 1981 14. Member states Conference on Disarmament (CD) 2007 15. Corruption as of 2005 16. Milita...

    Social world maps

    1. HDI 2007/2008 2. Evolution of human development in the 2000s 3. Education Index 4. World literacy rates 5. State of population 6. Percentage below the national poverty line 7. Percentage of population living below the International Poverty Line (less than $1.90 a day) 8. Median age 9. Births attended by a skilled health personnel 10. Life expectancy 11. Religion 12. Suicide rates per 100,000 people 13. Laws on homosexuality 14. Malaria as of 2003 15. HIV prevalence as of 2004 16. COVID-19...

    See also Topographic maps 1. NOTE:The below four images are too large to be thumbnailed by Mediawiki and so will output the full 8MB images for each if displayed on a page. For the moment, they have been linked to in order to prevent this page from downloading 32MB of images each time it is loaded. 2. File:WorldMap-A non-Frame.png—Topographic world...

    Map collections

    1. Perry-Castañeda Library 2. David Rumsey Map Collection archive copy 3. The Great Globe Gallery on the World Wide Web archive copy 4. Outline world maps

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    Earth is the third planet from the Sun and the only astronomical object known to harbor life. While large volumes of water can be found throughout the Solar System, only Earth sustains liquid surface water. About 71% of Earth's surface is made up of the ocean, dwarfing Earth's polar ice, lakes, and rivers. The remaining 29% of Earth's surface ...

    • 29.78 km/s, (107200 km/h; 66600 mph)
    • 0.99726968 d, (23h 56m 4.100s)
    • 0.4651 km/s, (1674.4 km/h; 1040.4 mph)
    • 3,474.8 km
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