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  1. The Malay Wikipedia ( Malay: Wikipedia Bahasa Melayu, Jawi alphabet: ويکيڤيديا بهاس ملايو, abbreviation: mswiki) is the Malay edition of Wikipedia. It uses the Malay alphabet only and not the Jawi alphabet. This edition was started on 26 October 2002. It has 358,082 articles as of June 2022 and is the 35th largest Wikipedia by ...

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    Malaysia ( / məˈleɪziə, - ʒə / ( listen) mə-LAY-zee-ə, -⁠zhə; Malay: [məlejsiə]) is a country in Southeast Asia. The federal constitutional monarchy consists of thirteen states and three federal territories, separated by the South China Sea into two regions, Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo 's East Malaysia.

  3. Optional. Malay Wikipedia ( Malay: Wikipedia Bahasa Melayu, Jawi script: ويکيڤيديا بهاس ملايو, abbreviation: mswiki) is the Malay version of Wikipedia. Started in October 2002, currently has over 126,168 articles as in November 2011 . It is the 29th largest edition.

  4. Malay is the national language in Malaysia by Article 152 of the Constitution of Malaysia, and became the sole official language in Peninsular Malaysia in 1968 and in East Malaysia gradually from 1974. English continues, however, to be widely used in professional and commercial fields and in the superior courts.

  5. Website. Official website. The Encyclopedia of Malaysia is a multi-volume encyclopedia about Malaysia. To date, 13 volumes of the planned 16-volume series have been published. Each volume deals with a single subject area and is composed of thematic, double-page spreads. Over 400 authors, mainly Malaysians, have contributed to the series.

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  6. The Malays ( Malay - Indonesian: Melayu; Filipino: Malayo; Rejang: ꤷꥁꤼ; Jawi: ملايو) are an Austronesian ethnic group in Southeast Asia. They mainly live in the Maritime Southeast Asia region (especially within the Malay Archipelago; consist of Indonesian Archipelago and Philippines archipelago ), such as Sumatra, Riau Islands ...

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    In all, Malayalis made up 3.22% of the total Indian population in 2011. Of the total 34,713,130 Malayalam speakers in India in 2011, 33,015,420 spoke the standard dialects, 19,643 spoke the Yerava dialect and 31,329 spoke non-standard regional variations like Eranadan. [87]

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