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    Malaysia - Wikipedia Malaysia Malaysia ( / məˈleɪziə, - ʒə / ( listen) mə-LAY-zee-ə, -⁠zhə; Malay: [məlejsiə]) is a country in Southeast Asia. The federal constitutional monarchy consists of thirteen states and three federal territories, separated by the South China Sea into two regions, Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo 's East Malaysia.

  2. Malay is the national language in Malaysia by Article 152 of the Constitution of Malaysia, and became the sole official language in Peninsular Malaysia in 1968 and in East Malaysia gradually from 1974. English continues, however, to be widely used in professional and commercial fields and in the superior courts.

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  5. Malay Wikipedia. Malay Wikipedia ( Malay: Wikipedia Bahasa Melayu, Jawi script: ويکيڤيديا بهاس ملايو, abbreviation: mswiki) is the Malay version of Wikipedia. Started in October 2002, currently has over 126,168 articles as in November 2011 . It is the 29th largest edition. [1]

  6. The Malays ( Malay - Indonesian: Melayu; Filipino: Malayo; Rejang: ꤷꥁꤼ; Jawi: ملايو) are an Austronesian ethnic group in Southeast Asia. They mainly live in the Maritime Southeast Asia region (especially within the Malay Archipelago; consist of Indonesian Archipelago and Philippines archipelago ), such as Sumatra, Riau Islands ...

    • 261,902 (2010 estimate)
    • 14,749,378(2010 estimate)
    • ± 11,500,000 (2010 estimate)
    • 3,354,475 (2010 estimate)
  7. Malay was first used in the first millennia known as Old Malay, a part of the Austronesian language family. Over a period of two millennia, Malay has undergone various stages of development that derived from different layers of foreign influences through international trade, religious expansion, colonisation and developments of new socio-political trends.

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