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  1. International is an adjective (also used as a noun) meaning "between nations".. International may also refer to:

  2. If someone tagged your contributions with a "Citation needed" tag or tags, and you disagree, discuss the matter on the article's talk page.The most constructive thing to do in most cases is probably to supply the reference(s) requested, even if you feel the tags are "overdone" or unnecessary.

  3. The earliest known occurrence of the full phrase (except for the "a"), in the form "There ain't no such thing as free lunch", appears as the punchline of a joke related in an article in the El Paso Herald-Post of June 27, 1938 (and other Scripps-Howard newspapers about the same time), entitled "Economics in Eight Words".

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  5. The law applies when an individual seeks treatment for a medical condition "or a request is made on the individual's behalf for examination or treatment for that medical condition." [1] The U.S. government defines an emergency department as "a specially equipped and staffed area of the hospital used a significant portion of the time for initial ...

  6. William Weston Adams (1786–1831), American politician, planter and medical doctor; William H. Adams (Virginia politician) (1872–1958), American politician in the Virginia House of Delegates; William Y. Adams (1927–2019), archaeologist; Science, technology and philosophy. William Adams (locomotive engineer) (1823–1904), British ...

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    Resident (medicine), a stage of postgraduate medical training; Resident (pharmacy), a stage of postgraduate pharmaceutical training; Resident engineer, an engineer or expert who works at client-side; Resident, a person who maintains residency (domicile) in a given place; Resident, a person who has tax residence in a country or jurisdiction

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