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      • It is originally from Anglo -Frisian and Old Saxon dialects. English is now used as a global language. There are about 375 million native speakers (people who use it as their first language) in the world.
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  2. The major native dialects of English are often divided by linguists into three general categories: the British Isles dialects, those of North America, and those of Australasia. [2] Dialects can be associated not only with place but also with particular social groups.

  3. Welsh English; Ireland. Irish English (Hiberno-English) Ulster Scots dialects; Oceania. Australian English; Fiji English; New Zealand English; North America. American English. African-American Vernacular English; Appalachian English; Southern American English; Canadian English; Jamaican English

  4. Wikimedia Commons has media related to English dialects. Language portal. This category contains both accents and dialects specific to groups of speakers of the English language. General pronunciation issues that are not specific to a single dialect are categorized under the English phonology category. See also: Category:English-based pidgins and creoles.

  5. Dialect - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Dialect A dialect is a form of a language spoken by a group of people. People who live in the same place may share a dialect; this is called a "regiolect". People who are similar in some other way, such as social class, may share a dialect.

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