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  1. List of dialects of English. Dialects are linguistic varieties that may differ in pronunciation, vocabulary, spelling, and other aspects of grammar. For the classification of varieties of English only in of pronunciation, see regional accents of English .

    • English Language

      English in England can be divided into four major dialect...

    • British English

      English is a West Germanic language that originated from the...

  2. There are several dialects of English used in different parts of the world. Africa. Nigerian English. South African English. Sudanese English. Zimbabwean English. Asia. Hong Kong English. Indian English. Hinglish. Japanese English. Engrish. Malaysian English. Manglish. Pakistani English. Philippine English. Singaporean English. Singlish.

  3. The dialect regions of the United States are most clearly marked along the Atlantic littoral, where the earlier settlements were made. Three dialects can be defined: Northern, Midland, and Southern. Each has its subdialects. The Northern dialect is spoken in New England.

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