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    4 days ago · Google Earth is a computer program that renders a 3D representation of Earth based primarily on satellite imagery. The program maps the Earth by superimposing satellite images, aerial photography, and GIS data onto a 3D globe, allowing users to see cities and landscapes from various angles. Users can explore the globe by entering addresses and ...

  2. 6 days ago · Named in honor of the Viceroy of New Spain, the 10th Duke of Alburquerque, the city was an outpost on El Camino Real linking Mexico City to the northernmost territories of New Spain. The 2020 census found the population of the city to be 564,559, [2] making Albuquerque the 32nd-most populous city in the United States and the fourth-largest in ...

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    Jun 16, 2022 · SketchUp. SketchUp is a suite of subscription products that include SketchUp Pro Desktop, a 3D modeling computer program for a broad range of drawing and design applications — including architectural, interior design, industrial and product design, landscape architecture, civil and mechanical engineering, theater, film and video game development.

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    4 days ago · about .google. 2008年当時のCEOでGoogleの元社長の エリック・シュミット と、共同設立者の セルゲイ・ブリン と ラリー・ペイジ (左から右に). Google LLC (グーグル)は、 インターネット 関連のサービスと製品に特化した アメリカ合衆国 の企業 ( LLC) である ...

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    Yokohama (横浜) means "horizontal beach". The current area surrounded by Maita Park, the Ōoka Riverand the Nakamura River have been a gulf divided by a sandbar from the open sea. This sandbar was the original Yokohama fishing village. Since the sandbar protruded perpendicularly from the land, or horizontally when viewed from the sea, it was called a ...

    Opening of the Treaty Port

    Before the Western foreigners arrived, Yokohama was a small fishing village up to the end of the feudal Edo period, when Japan held a policy of national seclusion, having little contact with foreigners. A major turning point in Japanese history happened in 1853–54, when Commodore Matthew Perry arrived just south of Yokohama with a fleet of American warships, demanding that Japan open several ports for commerce, and the Tokugawa shogunate agreed by signing the Treaty of Peace and Amity. It was...

    Meiji and Taisho Periods

    After the Meiji Restoration of 1868, the port was developed for trading silk, the main trading partner being Great Britain. Western influence and technological transfer contributed to the establishment of Japan's first daily newspaper (1870), first gas-powered street lamps (1872) and Japan's first railway constructed in the same year to connect Yokohama to Shinagawa and Shinbashi in Tokyo. In 1872 Jules Verne portrayed Yokohama, which he had never visited, in an episode of his widely read nov...

    Great Kantō earthquake and the Second World War

    1. Gallery 2. Crown Prince Hirohito (later Emperor) visited Yokohama immediately after the 1923 Great Kantō earthquake. 3. View of Yokohama after the bombing in 1945 Much of Yokohama was destroyed on September 1, 1923, by the Great Kantō earthquake. The Yokohama police reported casualties at 30,771 dead and 47,908 injured, out of a pre-earthquake population of 434,170. Fuelled by rumors of rebellion and sabotage, vigilante mobs thereupon murdered many Koreans in the Kojiki-yato slum. Many peo...


    Yokohama has a total area of 437.38 km2 (168.87 sq mi) at an elevation of 5 metres (16 ft) above sea level. It is the capital of Kanagawa Prefecture, bordered to the east by Tokyo Bay and located in the middle of the Kantō plain. The city is surrounded by hills and the characteristic mountain system of the island of Honshū, so its growth has been limited and it has had to gain ground from the sea. This also affects the population density, one of the highest in Japan with 8,500 inhabitants per...


    The city is very prone to natural phenomena such as earthquakes and tropical cyclones because the island of Honshū has a high level of seismic activity, being in the middle of the Pacific Ring of Fire. Most seismic movements are of low intensity and are generally not perceived by people. However, Yokohama has experienced two major tremors that reflect the evolution of Earthquake engineering: the 1923 Great Kantō earthquake devastated the city and caused more than 100,000 fatalities throughout...


    Yokohama features a humid subtropical climate (Köppen: Cfa) with hot, humid summers and chilly winters. Weatherwise, Yokohama has a pattern of rain, clouds and sun, although in winter, it is surprisingly sunny, more so than Southern Spain. Winter temperatures rarely drop below freezing, while summer can seem quite warm, because of the effects of humidity.The coldest temperature was on 24 January 1927 when −8.2 °C (17.2 °F) was reached, whilst the hottest day was 11 August 2013 at 37.4 °C (99....

    Yokohama night view (2014)
    View from Mosaic Mall Kohoku (2015)
    View from the Yokohama Bay Bridge(2007)
    View from Hikawa Maru(2014)


    Yokohama's foreign population of 92,139 includes Chinese, Koreans, Filipinos, and Vietnamese.


    Yokohama has 18 wards (ku):

    The Yokohama City Council consists of 86 members elected from a total of 18 Wards. The LDP has minority control with 36 seats. The incumbent mayor is Takeharu Yamanaka, who defeated Fumiko Hayashi in the 2021 Yokohama mayoral election.

    Yukio Mishima's novel The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Seais set mainly in Yokohama. Mishima describes the city's port and its houses, and the Western influences that shaped them.
    From Up on Poppy Hill is a 2011 Studio Ghibli animated drama film directed by Gorō Miyazaki set in the Yamatedistrict of Yokohama. The film is based on the serialized Japanese comic book of the sam...
    The main setting of James Clavell's book Gai-Jinis in historical Yokohama.
    Vermillion City in the Kanto region from the Pokémon franchise is based on Yokohama.

    The city has a strong economic base, especially in the shipping, biotechnology, and semiconductor industries. Nissan moved its headquarters to Yokohama from Chūō, Tokyo, in 2010.Yokohama's GDP per capita (Nominal) was $30,625 ($1=¥120.13). As of 2016[update], the total production in Yokohama city reached ¥13.56 billion. It is located between Shizuo...

    Public elementary and middle schools are operated by the city of Yokohama. There are nine public high schools which are operated by the Yokohama City Board of Education, and a number of public high schools which are operated by the Kanagawa Prefectural Board of Education. Yokohama National Universityis a leading university in Yokohama which is also...

  7. Jun 24, 2022 · Thursday, June 9, 2022: This beautiful time lapse of ice flows in Hudson Strait off the coast of north-western Canada has been captured by the European Sentinel 3 satellite in early June. The video...

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