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    Google Earth Outreach is a charity program, through which Google promotes and donates to various non-profit organizations. Beginning in 2007, donations are often accompanied by layers featured in Google Earth, allowing users to view a non-profit's projects and goals by navigating to certain related locations.

  2. Google Earth adds Wikipedia, Panoramio layers

    When you fire up Google Earth, you'll see the new stuff in the Layers panel. While browsing the maps, look for a Wikipedia globe icon, a Panoramio star, or an "i" representing the Google Earth ...

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  4. Structure of Earth - Wikipedia

    The internal structure of Earth is layered in spherical shells: an outer silicate solid crust, a highly viscous asthenosphere and mantle, a liquid outer core that is much less viscous than the mantle, and a solid inner core.

  5. Wikipedia? - Google Earth Community

    In Google Earth Pro, go to the Sidebar>Layers>More and check Wikipedia. If you would like to see more Wikipedia markers, you should use feedback in the Help menu to tell the developers.

  6. Earth - Wikipedia

    Earth is the third planet from the Sun and the only astronomical object known to harbor life.About 29% of Earth's surface is land consisting of continents and islands.The remaining 71% is covered with water, mostly by oceans but also by lakes, rivers and other fresh water, which together constitute the hydrosphere.

    • 29.78 km/s, (107200 km/h; 66600 mph)
    • 365.256363004 d, (31558.1497635 ks)
    • 0.99726968 d, (23h 56m 4.100s)
    • 101.325 kPa (at MSL)
  7. Wikipedia in Google Earth - Blogger

    Dec 11, 2006 · Google just published a new collection of Geographic Web layers for Google Earth, which includes a Wikipedia layer. Those of you who are familiar with Wikipedia know what an amazing resource of information it can be. Many (but certainly not all) Wikipedia entries are included in this layer.

  8. Layers of the Earth - SEG Wiki
    • Layers Based on Chemical Composition
    • Layers Based on Physical Properties
    • External Links

    During Earth’s early formation, the planet underwent a period of differentiation that allowed the heaviest elements to sink to the center and lighter ones to rise to the surface. Earth’s internal layering can be defined by this resulting chemical composition. The three main layers of Earth include the crust (1 percent of Earth’s volume), the mantle (84 percent), and the core (inner and outer combined, 15 percent).

    The Earth is separated into layers based on mechanical properties in addition to the composition layers described above.

    1. For K-12 Teachers, on the National Geographic Education site: crust, mantle, core, lithosphere, 2. Egger, A. 2003. “Earth Structure” Visionlearning Vol. EAS (1),

  9. Google Earth Layers - Google Earth Blog

    Mar 22, 2009 · Google Earth layers provide a wealth of information about our planet on a variety of subjects, and the layers are also a way for Google to share valuable contributions of information from many...

  10. Talk:Google Earth/Archive 1 - Wikipedia

    Check in google earth in the bottom leftt in the layers section for "Geographic Content" - open this folder and tick the Wikipedia box. If you can't see it get the latest version of Google Earth from the official website.--

  11. Google Earth – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

    Google Earth é um programa de computador desenvolvido e distribuído pela empresa estadunidense do Google cuja função é apresentar um modelito tridimensional do globo terrestre, construído a partir de mosaico de imagens de satélite obtidas de fontes diversas, imagens aéreas (fotografadas de aeronaves) e GIS 3D.

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