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    Tomifobia Nature Trail. Located at fifteen minutes by car from Magog, Quebec, the "Tomifobia Nature Trail" with a length of 19 kilometres (12 mi) links the Lake Massawippi (either Ayer's Cliff, Quebec) to Beebe Plain, Vermont along the west bank of the Tomifobia river, through Stanstead, Quebec which is located before the border Quebec-Vermont.

    • Canada
    • Quebec
    • 10.8 km (6.7 mi)
    • Estrie
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    The Saint Lawrence River is a large river in the middle latitudes of North America. The Saint Lawrence River flows in a roughly north-easterly direction, connecting the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean and forming the primary drainage outflow of the Great Lakes Basin.

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    The White River is a 60.1-mile-long (96.7 km) river in the U.S. state of Vermont.It is a tributary of the Connecticut River.. The White River rises at Skylight Pond south of Bread Loaf Mountain near the crest of the Green Mountains.

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    Origin of name. The lake is within the larger territory originally inhabited by the Abenaki tribe. The lake's name, Memphremagog, is derived from the Algonkian language: Memphremagog comes from the word Memrahabegek, which means "where there is a big expanse of water". Memphremagog was also pronounced as "Mamphremagog".