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  1. Divya Prakash Dubey (1982–), Hindi author; Doodhnath Singh (1936–2018), Hindi writer, critic, poet and a recipient of Bharat Bharti Samman; G. Ganga Das (1823–1913), author of about fifty kavya-granthas and thousands of padas, he is known as Bhismpitama of the Hindi poetry.

  2. Although, at the spoken level, Hindi and Urdu are considered registers of a single language, Hindustani or Hindi-Urdu, as they share a common grammar and core vocabulary, they differ in literary and formal vocabulary; where literary Hindi draws heavily on Sanskrit and to a lesser extent Prakrit, literary Urdu draws heavily on Persian and Arabic loanwords.

  3. Hindi is an Indo-Iranian language. It is the main language in India. About 800 million people speak Hindi in India. The Devanāgarī script is used to write Hindi. Previously Hindi was known as Hindui. Hindi is widely written, spoken and understood in North India and some other places in India. In 1997, a survey found that 45% of Indians can ...

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    180 million native in 1991, 120 million second-language in 1999. Language family: Indo-European. Indo-Iranian. Indo-Aryan. Central zone. Western Hindi. Khariboli. Hindustani. Hindi; Writing system: Devanagari: Official status Official language in India: Regulated by: Central Hindi Directorate (India) Language codes ISO 639-1 hi: ISO 639-2 hin ...

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