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  1. The native language is Vietnamese, the most widely spoken Austroasiatic language. Vietnamese Kinh people account for just over 85.32% of the population of Vietnam in the 2019 census, and are officially known as Kinh people (người Kinh) to distinguish them from the other minority groups residing in the country such as the Hmong, Cham or Muong.

  2. Vietnamese place-names, and other things, named after dragons Hanoi (Vietnamese: Hà Nội), the capital of Vietnam, was known in ancient times as Thăng Long ( Chữ Hán : 昇龍 (from Thăng 昇 , meaning "to grow, to develop, to rise, to fly, or to ascend" and Long 龍 , meaning "dragon")); the capital is still referred to by this name in ...

  3. The Vietnamese alphabet (chữ Quốc ngữ in Vietnamese) is a version of the Latin alphabet used to write the Vietnamese language. It uses all of the letters of the ISO Basic Latin Alphabet except for F, J, W, and Z (which are only found in loanwords).

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