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    Show map of Europe Location of Italy (dark green) – in Europe (light green & dark grey) – in the European Union (light green) – [Legend] Capital and largest city Rome 41°54′N12°29′E / 41.900°N 12.483°E / 41.900; Official languages Italiana Native languages See main article Religion (2020)[1] 84.4% Christianity 11.6% No religion 1.0% Islam

  2. The total area of Italy is 301,230 km 2 (116,310 sq mi), of which 294,020 km 2 (113,520 sq mi) is land and 7,210 km 2 (2,784 sq mi) is water. It lies between latitudes 35° and 47° N, and longitudes 6° and 19° E. Italy borders Switzerland (698 km or 434 mi), France (476 km or 296 mi), Austria (404 km or 251 mi) and Slovenia (218 km or 135 mi).

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  3. 2 Locator Maps of italian regions. 2.1 Pink version (220x257 pixels) 2.2 Yellow and brown version (300x350 pixels) 3 Locator Maps of Italian provinces. 4 Locator Maps of Italian Cities. 5 Locator Maps of Italian Islands. 6 Historical Maps. 7 Maps of national parks. 8 Maps of other parks in Lazio.

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    Italy is a peninsula. It is surrounded by the sea on all of its sides except its north side. Northern Italy is separated from France, Switzerland, and Austria by the Alps, a chain of mountains. Mont Blanc (Monte Bianco in Italian or white mountain in English), the highest mountain in Western Europe, is in this chain. The second important chain of m...

    People from Italy are called Italians. Even if an Italian were to leave Italy, it is possible that their descendants could also claim Italian citizenship. This is because of Italian nationality law relying mostly on ius sanguinis or "right of blood" in Latin. Almost all Italians are Christians. Most of these are Roman Catholics. Roman Catholicism i...

    Italy has a modern social welfare system. The labor market is relatively strength. Many foreigners, especially from Romania, work in Italy where the wages are much higher. Italy's modern society has been built up through loans. Now the country has a very high debt of 1.9 trillion euros or 120 percent of the country's total GDP.

    Most people in Italy are Roman Catholics, but the Catholic Church is no longer officially the state religion. 87.8% of the people said they were Roman Catholic.Only about a third said they were active members (36.8%). There are also other Christian groups in Italy, more than 700,000 Eastern Orthodox Christians. 180,000 of them belong to the Greek O...

    Italy has 20 regions (Italian: regioni). Every region is divided into provinces. There are 20 regions. Five of them have a special status, called autonomous. This means that they can make certain local laws more easily. These regions are marked with an asterisk(*) below.

    The head of state is Sergio Mattarella. He became President of the Italian Republic in February 2015. The first president was Enrico De Nicola. The head of government is Mario Draghi. He became Prime Minister on February 13, 2021. He succeeded Giuseppe Conte. Conte's cabinet, fell after a political crisis caused by Italia Viva, a liberal political ...

    The railway network in Italy totals 16,627 kilometres (10,332 miles). It is the 17th longest in the world. High speed trains include ETR-class trains which travel at speeds of up to 300 km/h (190 mph).

  5. Map of Europe with countries and capitals. 3750x2013 / 1,23 Mb Go to Map. Political map of Europe

  6. Jan 01, 2021 · Map of comune of Lusiana Conco.png 1,934 × 3,000; 796 KB. Map of comune of Pesaro (province of Pesaro and Urbino, region Marche, Italy).png 800 × 614; 96 KB. Map of Italia meridionale Campania-Puglia-Basilicata.svg 512 × 343; 2.39 MB. Map of Italian Bell Beaker sites.jpg 409 × 480; 32 KB.

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