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  1. The Earthquake Early Warning logo used by the Japan Meteorological Agency is a Namazu (鯰). Many earthquake-preparedness activities in Japan use the catfish as a mascot; in Japanese mythology earthquakes were caused by a giant catfish, or seeing catfish foretold an earthquake. Related to this wiki. Earthquake warning system

  2. An earthquake which occurred off Mie and Aichi prefectures, Japan at 03:38 on January 13, 1945. December 20, 1946: 8.1 M w: 1,362: 1946 Nankai earthquake: 昭和南海地震: Shōwa Nankai Jishin: Nankai Trough: A major earthquake in Nankaidō, Japan. Occurred on December 20, 1946 at 19:19 UTC. The earthquake was felt from Northern Honshū to ...

  3. The 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami was a 9.0-magnitude earthquake followed by tsunami waves. It was measured at 8.4 on the JMA seismic intensity scale The earthquake happened 130 kilometres (81 mi) off Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, on the east coast of the Tōhoku of Japan, on March 11, 2011 at 05:46:23 UTC.

  4. Objectives of the earthquake engineering. The main goals of earthquake engineering are: Understand what happens between buildings and the ground. Understand what strong earthquakes or tsunamis might do to building structures. Design, build and maintain structures to last during an earthquake while following building codes.

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