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    In more recent years, Japanese food has become fashionable and popular in the United States, Europe, and many other areas. Dishes such as sushi, tempura, noodles, and teriyaki are some of the foods that are commonly known. The Japanese diet consists principally of rice; fresh, lean seafood; and pickled or boiled vegetables.

  2. Jiaozi - Wikipedia › wiki › Gyoza

    Yan Zhitui during the Northern Qi dynasty (AD 550–577) wrote: "Today the jiaozi, shaped like a crescent moon, is a common food in the world." Six Dynasties Turfan tombs contained dumplings. [5] Later in the Tang dynasty (AD 618–907), jiaozi become more popular, called Bian Shi ( 扁食 ).

    • Normally as an entree
    • East Asia
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  4. Myoga - Wikipedia › wiki › Zingiber_mioga

    Myoga, myoga ginger or Japanese ginger (myōga (茗荷)) is the species Zingiber mioga in the family Zingiberaceae. It is a deciduous herbaceous perennial native to Japan, China, and the southern part of Korea. Only its edible flower buds and flavorful shoots are used in cooking.

  5. Eggplant - Wikipedia › wiki › Eggplant

    Eggplant can be steamed, stir-fried, pan fried, deep fried, barbecued, roasted, stewed, curried, or pickled. Many eggplant dishes are sauces made by mashing the cooked fruit. It can be stuffed. It is frequently, but not always, cooked with fat. East Asia. Korean and Japanese eggplant varieties are typically thin-skinned.

    • S. melongena
    • Solanum
  6. Whale meat - Wikipedia › wiki › Whale_meat

    Some other dishes are: cubed and grilled blubber, cartilage salads, and whale skin stew. As of 2006, in Japan, 5,560 tons of whale meat worth ¥5.5 billion is sold in every year. The Japanese market has declined in recent years, with prices falling to $26 per kilogram in 2004, down $6 per kilogram from 1999.

  7. Albanian cuisine - Wikipedia › wiki › Albanian_cuisine

    The Albanian cuisine (Albanian: kuzhina shqiptare [kuˈʒina ʃcipˈtaɾɛ]) is a representative of the cuisine of the Mediterranean.It is also an example of the Mediterranean diet based on the importance of olive oil, fruits, vegetables and fish.

  8. Greek cuisine - Wikipedia › wiki › Greek_cuisine

    Greek cuisine is the cuisine of Greece and the Greek diaspora. In common with many other cuisines of the Mediterranean , it is founded on the triad of wheat , olive oil , and wine . [3] It uses vegetables, olive oil, grains, fish, and meat, including pork , poultry , veal and beef , lamb , rabbit , and goat .

  9. Baozi - Wikipedia › wiki › Baozi

    Baozi (Chinese: 包子), or bao, is a type of yeast-leavened filled bun in various Chinese cuisines.There are many variations in fillings (meat or vegetarian) and preparations, though the buns are most often steamed.

  10. Aceh - Wikipedia › wiki › Aceh

    Aceh (/ ˈ ɑː tʃ eɪ /) is the westernmost province of Indonesia.It is located on the northern end of Sumatra, with Banda Aceh being its capital and largest city. Granted a special autonomous status, Aceh is a religiously conservative territory and the only Indonesian province practicing Sharia officially.

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