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  1. Wikipedia Font and Wikipedia Font Generator › wikipedia-font

    About Wikipedia Font Wikipedia is a free, collaboratively edited and multilingual Internet encyclopedia created by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger in 2001. The Wikipedia logo features an incomplete globe made of jigsaw pieces with glyphs from different writing systems inscribed on them.

  2. Wikipedia logo - Wikipedia › wiki › Wikipedia_logo

    The design of "W IKIPEDI A" text beneath a globe, with the interlocking-V W and large A, was designed by Wikipedia user The Cunctator for a November 2001 logo contest. An initial design of the puzzle-globe logo was created by Paul Stansifer, a then 17-year-old Wikipedia user, whose entry won a design competition run by the site in 2003.

  3. Fonts Logo » Wikipedia Logo Font › wikipedia-logo-font

    What font does Wikipedia use? The new Wikipedia logo was created in 2010, has been using Linux Libertine font. click here to download Linux Libertine font. About font: Linux Libertine is a digital typeface created by the Libertine Open Fonts Project, which aims to create free and open alternatives to proprietary typefaces such as Times Roman.

  4. Wikipedia font download - Famous Fonts › wikipedia

    Download the free font replicating the Wikipedia logo and many more at the ORIGINAL Famous Fonts!

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  6. What font is used for Wikipedia logo? – Kreativ Font › wikipedia-logo-hoefler-font

    May 25, 2018 · Wikipedia is a the free encyclopedia to which anyone can contribute with his expertise in one or more domains. So anyone can edit it. It is the best and the most complete encyclopedia about anything. I highly recommend Wikipedia, I read on it everyday! The font used in their logo is Hoefler Text created by Jonathan Hoefler for Apple. Font used ...

  7. Logo - Wikipedia › wiki › Logo_font

    The current era of logo design began in the 1870s [citation needed] with the first abstract logo, the Bass red triangle. As of 2014, many corporations, products, brands, services, agencies, and other entities use an ideogram (sign, icon) or an emblem (symbol) or a combination of sign and emblem as a logo.

  8. Myriad (typeface) - Wikipedia › wiki › Myriad_(typeface)

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Myriad is a humanist sans-serif typeface designed by Robert Slimbach and Carol Twombly for Adobe Systems. Myriad was intended as a neutral, general-purpose typeface that could fulfill a range of uses and have a form easily expandable by computer-aided design to a large range of weights and widths.

  9. Font - Wikipedia › wiki › Font
    • Overview
    • Etymology
    • Metal type
    • Characteristics
    • Subsetting

    In metal typesetting, a font was a particular size, weight and style of a typeface. Each font was a matched set of type, one piece for each glyph, and a typeface consisting of a range of fonts that shared an overall design. In modern usage, with the advent of digital typography, "font" is frequently synonymous with "typeface". Each style is in a separate "font file"—for instance, the typeface "Bulmer" may include the fonts "Bulmer roman", "Bulmer", "Bulmer bold" and "Bulmer extended...

    The word font derives from Middle French fonte " melted; a casting". The term refers to the process of casting metal type at a type foundry.

    In a manual printing house the word "font" would refer to a complete set of metal type that would be used to typeset an entire page. Upper- and lowercase letters get their names because of which case the metal type was located in for manual typesetting: the more distant upper case or the closer lower case. The same distinction is also referred to with the terms majuscule and minuscule. Unlike a digital typeface, a metal font would not include a single definition of each character, but commonly u

    In addition to the character height, when using the mechanical sense of the term, there are several characteristics which may distinguish fonts, though they would also depend on the script that the typeface supports. In European alphabetic scripts, i.e. Latin, Cyrillic and Greek, the main such properties are the stroke width, called weight, the style or angle and the character width. The regular or standard font is sometimes labeled roman, both to distinguish it from bold or thin and from italic

    A typical font may contain hundreds or even thousands of glyphs, often representing characters from many different languages. Oftentimes, users may only need a small subset of the glyphs that are available to them. Subsetting is the process of removing unnecessary glyphs from a font file, usually with the goal of reducing file size. This is particularly important for web fonts, since reducing file size often means reducing page load time and server load. Alternatively, fonts may be issued in dif

  10. National Fonts - Wikipedia › wiki › National_fonts

    The font "TH Sarabun PSK" is also used on the current logo of Thai Wikipedia. This version of the logo was designed by Pratya Singto (ปรัชญา สิงห์โต), a graphic designer who runs, and was adopted by the Community as it won a competition in 2008. The thirteen fonts are:

    TH Sarabun PSK
    Suppakit Chalermlarp (ศุ� ...
    The name "Sarabun" (สารบร� ...
    TH Charmonman
    Ekkalak Phianphanawet (เอก� ...
    The name "Chamornman" (จามรม� ...
    TH Krub
    Ekkalak Phianphanawet
    The font is named after a Thai particle " ...
    TH Srisakdi
    Aksaramethi Team (ทีมอั� ...
    The name "Srisakdi" (ศรีศักด ...
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