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    Mirë se vini në Wikipedia, enciklopedia e lirë të cilën mund ta redaktoni edhe ju. 88.768 artikuj në shqip ARTIKULLI I JAVËS Kultura në Kosovë është e ngjashme me kulturën e gadishullit ballkanik si dhe ngërthen në vete kulturën e kombit shqiptar si pjesë e trashëgimisë të kulturës vendëse ilire me ndikime nga kultura romake dhe osmane.

  2. Albania (/ æ l ˈ b eɪ n i ə / al-BAY-nee-ə; Albanian: Shqipëri), officially called the Republic of Albania is an independent country in Southeastern Europe, with an area of 28,748 square kilometres (11,100 sq mi). The capital is Tirana, and other important cities are Durrës, Elbasan and Vlora. Over 3 million people live in Albania.

  3. The Albanian language (Shqip) is an Indo-European language. It is spoken mostly in Albania (3,500,000), Kosovo and (500,000) Republic of North Macedonia. Dialects. Ghegs, Tosks, Arbëresh, Arvanites, Arbanasi. References

  4. Mar 2, 2023 · Albania has a length of about 210 miles (340 km) and a width of about 95 miles (150 km). Relief Albania has a mountainous geography. About three-fourths of its territory consists of mountains and hills with elevations of more than 650 feet (200 metres) above sea level; the remainder consists of coastal and alluvial lowlands.

  5. The Albanian language, called shqip or shqipe by Albanians, is of interest to linguists because, as a descendant of the extinct Illyrian tongue, it is the only surviving member of its branch of the Indo-European language family. Influenced by centuries of rule by foreigners, the Albanian vocabulary has adopted many words from the Latin, Greek ...

  6. Aug 26, 2022 · Albania is a mediterranean country in southeastern Europe. Its capital is Tirana . Contents 1 Emblems / Badges 2 map 3 Geography 4 History 5 Wiki loves Monuments 6 Diagrams Emblems / Badges [ edit] Flag of Albania Coat of arms of Albania See also Flags of Albania Emblem of Ministry of Defence of Albania Emblem of of Albanian Army General Staff

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    Pages for logged out editors learn more. Say Shqip (e.g. Albania), sakey dalin ed Europe.. Say kabesera et Tirana.

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